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World Record Price for a Border Collie

border collie

A Border Collie named Kim was sold in Wales for 27,000 pounds ($37,000). It was the world record price paid for a herding dog. The record sum was paid at a Farmers Marts auction in Dolgellau, Guinet County.

The amount paid for the dog by a Staffordshire buyer surpassed the previous record of 20,000 pounds ($27,500) for which a Border Collie named Henna was sold last October. It happened also in Wales.

For a price comparison, in the UK, Border Collie puppies start at 800-1,000 pounds ($1,000-1,400).

At the time of the sale, Kim was a few days away from her first birthday, but according to her trainer, Devi Jenkins, she was working as well as an experienced three-year-old dog. “She was doing everything: working cattle and sheep, ready for competition or any farm job. In addition to that, she has reddish hues in her coloring, which is in vogue right now,” Jenkins said.

The breed was bred on the border of Scotland and England. Hence the name – border. It refers to a herding breed and was originally bred to work with sheep, but farmers later bred the subspecies to graze cattle.

According to some studies, the Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. The formation of this sheepdog breed dates back to 1570. Previously, these dogs were called the working collie, the traditional collie, the English collie, and the farm collie. In 1881 a breed standard and a system for evaluating the performance of these dogs were developed. The first sheepdogs called Border Collies were registered by James Reid in 1915.

You may not have to pay a fortune to have such a wonderful companion in your home so take note of this unique breed.

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