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Why your pet smells bad when it’s wet?

If you’ve ever been in a car with a wet dog, you’ve probably had the urge to stick your head out the window. Here you will find out why a wet dog smells bad.

When regular dog care isn’t in place, various dirt collecting in its hair, including dried food particles that stick to his hair around his mouth and feces under his tail. If you add water to all of this mixture, the smells will come to life.

That’s why your dog needs periodic baths with special shampoo. It is also a good idea to wash the leash and bedding of your dog. Dogs with long hair need special and thorough care.

Dogs can have various skin diseases including parasites, bacterial and fungal infections. Such diseases can affect any area of your dog’s skin. The unpleasant smell is greatly exacerbated by moisture entering the affect

Some dogs may have excessive sebaceous discharge. Although this may be the case even with dry skin, the odor always gets worse when wet.

If a specific odor doesn’t go away even when your dog is dry, you should show it to a vet. Such smells can be infections of the skin, the ear or even rectum. Periodontitis and digestive problems can also be the

Whatever the cause, you should never try to hide the odor by using perfume or deodorants. The substances in these perfumes can cause irritation and increase the odor.

If your dog smells bad, it may be worth giving him a bath. Read about the rules of dog bathing here.

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