May. 16.2020 | Updated: September 24, 2021

Why Shouldn’t Dogs Eat Chocolate?

dogs eat chocolate

All owners know that dogs need to be fed either a ready-made industrial dry or wet food, or non-fat meat, porridges, raw and boiled vegetables or sour milk products. However, some owners, wishing to please their pet, may treat it to something forbidden like fatty cutlets, smoked sausage or sweet buns. It is all bad for dogs. However, the consequences of eating chocolate can be fatal.

It may appear because of the fact that chocolate is a poison to dogs because of its high sugar content. Sugar is not really good for your dog, as it can damage his teeth, put on extra weight, and cause digestive problems. But chocolate isn’t only bad for sugar.

All cocoa bean products contain theobromine and caffeine, alkaloids that are dangerous to animals. And if caffeine causes a dog to overexcite, boost his blood pressure and pulse, theobromine can have much more serious consequences. The substance has a detrimental effect on an animal’s nervous system, intestines, kidneys, and heart according to British veterinarians.

By the way, theobromine in large quantities can be dangerous for humans, but it will have to eat too much chocolate at a time, literally an unreal amount of 20-30 kg.

The human body takes theobromine out while the dog’s body accumulates it. Regular chocolate consumption by a dog can lead to tragedy. Chocolate can be particularly dangerous for puppies, elderly and weakened dogs, as well as animals with cardiovascular disease.

To avoid problems with the micronutrient needed for dogs, read our article on feeding ready-made dry foods, and can dogs eat mushrooms.

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