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Why Does the Puppy Whine at Night?

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How to wean my puppy off whining at night? – That’s a question almost every novice dog breeder asks himself. Your puppy’s constant whining all night long keeps owners and neighbors awake. But how to deal with a puppy’s insomnia and why does it occur?

Puppies are like babies. A small child starts crying to get their parents’ attention, and a puppy does the same. Just recently he slept under his mother’s warm side, among his siblings. And now the baby is in a completely new environment, with unfamiliar smells and people, and he has to sleep alone, on a still unfamiliar bed. Of course, the dog is scared and lonely, and he starts whining to attract attention, to call his mother or (as her alternative) a new mistress. And here your main task is not to give in to provocation.

You shouldn’t run to your puppy in response to whining, no matter how pitifully fussy the baby is. Once he realizes that his method is working and you run to the call, he’ll never stop whining. What’s more, this habit will remain with him even when he turns into an adult dog.

The Following Rules Will Help to Discourage Puppy from Whining

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  • A soft sideboard imitates the mother’s side, so choose a soft, warm, and comfortable double-sided bed for your puppy. In this article, we explain why dogs need a bed.
  • Take something soaked in the smell of his mother or other babies from the kennel when you pick up your puppy.
  • Place your puppy by your bed for the first time if he’s been separated from his mother too early when he starts to cry, put your hand down to him, pet him and soothe him with your voice. With each new night, move the bed farther and farther away from the bed, into his proper place.
  • Never lock puppy alone in a separate room, this will only make things worse. He should be able to study the flat in peace and get used to the new environment.
  • Feed (don’t overfeed!) your puppy thoroughly overnight and walk with him. A rich dinner and an active walk will ensure a good and healthy sleep.
  • Strictly avoid overfeeding. Sometimes whining is caused by digestive problems and food that’s too heavy. Feed your baby a balanced puppy diet in the recommended amounts.
  • Give your baby more attention during the day, play games with him! A puppy can whine for a lack of communication.
  • Do not punish the baby for whining. First of all, to start your acquaintance with physical punishment is the worst thing you can do. And secondly, punishing a puppy who’s scared and lonely is cruel.

If your puppy keeps you awake the first few nights, don’t panic. Practice shows that even the most restless puppy gets used to the new environment in the first week and stops whining.

Good luck with raising your four-legged friends!

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