May. 29.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

Why Does a Dog Dig Holes in the Yard?

dog dig holes

In this article, we will try to understand why dogs dig pits and find out how to fight this outrageous habit. There are plenty of reasons why a dog digs holes in the yard. We will list the most basic ones:

  • An animal digs a hole to cool down because it cannot stand the heat. The earth is cool enough at shallow depths even if the surface of the earth is hot from the sun. An animal exhausted by heat may rest a little in the earth’s cavity. A clear sign that a dog is very hot is if it digs a hole and lies in it.
  • Hunting dogs can interrupt the area in search of prey — moles, mice, hamsters, gophers. Dachshunds, as well as various kinds of terriers (scotch terriers, foxsteries, core terriers, etc.) are passionate lovers of digging a hole.
  • The dog digs pits near the booth to hide excess food or the most appetizing pieces for a rainy day. Some time later, the animal eats the “yummy” hidden in the ground.
  • Sometimes digging pits is a kind of burst of energy. Digging is excellent physical training for especially active animals, which are rarely taken for a walk outside the yard;
  • A dog can dig pits in certain places if it is attracted to the smell of the soil. This can happen when owners use organic fertilizer to feed their plants;
  • Some dogs dig under a fence to escape during a sexual hunt. Both male dogs tend to run away in search of a sexual partner, as well as females during the season;
  • There are dogs that literally interrupt the area from boredom and loneliness. They tend to attract the owner’s attention. It is as if they want to say, “Hey, look, man, I got nothing to do, play with me!”
  • Animals furiously dig the ground in times of stress. Pets can look both strangely excited and apathetic. Dogs can change their behavior during stress. You need the help of a specialist in these situations.
  • Sometimes a dog will only dig through root balls (potatoes, carrots, beets etc.) when he does not get enough fibre.
  • A pregnant female can dig holes in the yard, providing her future puppies with a rookery in the ground.

As you can see, pits in the yard are not just that. Pay attention to your puppy and try to understand it.

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