Jun. 30.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

Why Does a Dog Chew on Things?

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Did a pet chew on new shoes or a chair leg? Did he ruin the couch? It’s a routine story. Why does a dog chew on things, and how can we wean him off it?

In the vast majority of cases, banal boredom causes such destructive behavior. Many people have a hard time being alone. Forced to stay in the apartment for a long time without the owner’s attention, dogs entertain themselves. As chewing is a natural need, he goes in search. If there are no gum toys in your home, he chews the first thing he likes. You can dissuade your dog from chewing with a few toys, and active walking and proper upbringing will solve 99% of the problem with damaged furniture. The remaining 1% is associated with various health and behavioral disorders, which are far from being the norm.

Let’s look at the main reasons why your dog chews things.

Missing the Owner, Stress

The dog starts to yearn and miss the owner, being left alone. Provocative items that can be chewed, help to brighten up the waiting time, and cope with stress.

Lack of Physical and Intellectual Exercise

If your dog doesn’t have time to get his energy out and play, he’ll continue this activity at home. Vigorous animals love to play, solve puzzles, chew on things, and more. She’ll try to make up for her lack of activity at home – perhaps with your shoes!

Puppy Teething

During this period, puppies’ gums will be sore and itchy. It tries to ‘scratch’ them and starts gnawing at things to cope with discomfort. The responsible owner must approach this arduous period with understanding and provide the baby with proper toys.

Growing Up

Puppies can chew on everything around because this way they know the world. A dog wants to sniff it, lick it and, if possible, bite it to characterize a particular object. As a rule, excessive interest in things around him subsides from the age of six months.

Health Problems, Avitaminosis

In some cases, your dog will chew on things and impress their owners with strange tastes due to health problems. Infection with worms or abdominal pain will cause your puppy to swallow cellulose-containing items (e.g. toilet paper) and thus cause him to burp. In the natural environment, the grass is an alternative to such objects. Indigestion, poor gut flora, and indigestion can cause your dog to chew and eat completely unsuitable objects such as wallpaper, earth, stones, waste, etc. This behavior should alert owners and cause them to see a vet quickly.

If your dog has a period when he chews everything because of boredom, then try these ways to cheer up a dog.

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