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Why Do Dogs Scoot on Their Butt?

If you find that the dog dragging butt on the floor at home or while walking, you need to find out the reason without delay. It is the first sign that the dog is trying to calm the itching or pain. You need to pay attention to all the symptoms to understand what happens to the animal. These observations will help the veterinarian to form a complete clinical picture and make a diagnosis.

dog scooting

Experienced dog breeders can assure you that this is worms make the dog dragging butt and are likely to be right. Actually, you should listen to them. An extra pill will not be harmful to you or your pet, but it may still not solve the dog butt scoots case.

This problem is too common to ignore. Pets need your help — so we will help you. We have gathered the most common reasons why do dogs scoot their buts on the floor and what are the causes of scooting.

In general, you will not see a dog scooting if he is perfectly healthy. There are several reasons for this behavior, some are trifling, and some of them are serious, but each of them is worthy of your attention unless, of course, you care about the health of your pet.

The lightest reason for a dog scooting on the carpet can be a long coat, that stick to the feces and create some discomfort for the animal.

The most common cause is helminths. When there are so many that they get close to the anus, there is a feeling of itching, which increases in the evenings (this is the time of activity of the parasites).

Solution: it is necessary to give pets worm pills regularly, even when the pet is not walking. Also, it is necessary to drink the worm yourself. There are different ways of re-infection. In 90% of cases, if a pet has worms, the owner also has them.

The veterinary recommend giving worm pills once in 3 months. Owners usually do it once in 6 months. But it’s not just worms that can provoke this behavior.

A Dog Dragging Butt on Carpet Triggers

  • Colitis and enterocolitis – inflammation of the intestines is always an unpleasant condition. They can be identified by diarrhea, rumbling in the stomach, poor appetite.
  • Obstruction and inflammation of the glands that produce the secret used by dogs to mark the area (this problem is most common in small dogs);
  • Knots. It also happens, especially in long-haired breeds. Look under the tail of the pet, and everything will become clear. Knots should be cut, as long dirty coats can be irritating to the sensitive mucous membranes. Also, wash your pet’s ass or see a groomer or vet.
  • Hemorrhoids – yes, unfortunately, four-legged friends also suffer from this problem;
  • Back aisle cracks – more common in older dogs and those who are prone to constipation;
  • Swallowing a foreign body that is stuck inside the intestine (can be treated with laxatives, but sometimes only a surgeon can help);
  • Rectal prolapse – in the early stages the problem is almost invisible, but the itching and inflammation appear (more common in older dogs).
  • Sometimes, very rarely, such behavior occurs in dogs with a pathological desire for cleanliness. They can use riding on the fifth point on the floor as a way to wipe their ass after going to the toilet. But in this situation, it is more of a bad habit than a symptom of the disease.

It is a problem with my friend’s dog. Or rather the dog has no problem, it creates a problem for them. He does not want to do any hygiene. In her opinion, the best hygiene is to ride on the carpet. He was punished several times, but unfortunately, it did not help.

Why is this happening?

Eating disorders in the form of improper diet, stress, hormonal disorders, age, or breed predisposition, etc. There are many reasons for this.

The most common causes of this condition are defecation disorders and frequent constipation. The lack of long walks also affects the condition of your pet.

What to Do If Dogs Scooting Butt on the Floor?

dog butt scoots

The only way out is to take your pet to the veterinarian. Of course, you can find instructions for dog gland massage on the Internet, but it is better not to do it without experience. Have mercy on your dog.

Also, we do not recommend choosing any medications based on online advice. Lifehack from the Internet can be useless advertising or even harm your dog. Do not risk your pet’s health.

You can get an effective diagnosis and identify the real reasons why a dog scooting on butt only in the clinic. The veterinarian should watch your pet to help him. It is the only way for the doctor to identify the disease and prescribe treatment.

If helminth infection is the cause, it makes sense to take the feces to the nearest vet’s lab for analysis. Also, give your pet an anti-helminthic drug. Of course, it is better to be selected by a doctor, not a seller from the pet store.

If the dog scooting butt on the floor do not delay the diagnosis and treatment. The earlier the treatment is started, the more chances are that the pet will fully recover. Each of these problems can be solved if you do it on time and with the help of professionals.

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