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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

why do dogs eat cat poop

We spend so much time with our pets that sometimes we see them more as individuals, forgetting that they are still animals. They have needs that are determined by their instincts. Keep this in mind to face the fact that your dog eats cat poop calmly.

The owners of both animals know how difficult it is to maintain a parity between pets sometimes. Usually, the dog, as a bigger animal, dominates. It can manifest itself in communication with owners, choosing a place to sleep, toys, and meals. So do not faint if your dog ate cat litter – it is just another example of animal behavior.

We have studied the situation and prepared answers to the most popular questions for you.

Why Is My Dog Eating Cat Poop?

dog eating cat poop

You probably just want it not to happen. For people, this habit looks beyond understanding and is just disgusting. What could be worse than seeing your dog eating cat litter right after he licked your face a few minutes ago?

To prevent something from happening you need to understand the reason. The most important reason is that there is nothing strange about this behavior for your dog. Moreover, eating everything in a row is a common thing for a dog. From this point of view, cat crap is no different from stones, and it even wins in many meters. It smells like cat food, and as we wrote earlier, cat food is very attractive for dogs. Protein, fiber, or other substances found in cat food may not be enough for a dog in its regular diet, so the deficit of nutrition may cause the dog eating cat poop.

The last, most unobvious reason why do dogs eat cat feces is boredom. For your omnivorous researcher, digging can be a fascinating game. What can we say about digging in a cat tray with treasures that smell so good! It is how your dog will gladly spend his unused energy.

But if everything is so rosy and your pet is happy, then why should we even try to change the dog’s natural habits to suit our aesthetic preferences?

Can Dogs Get Sick from Eating Cat Poop?

can dogs get sick from eating cat poop

The situation here is the same as with cat food. (Coincidence?) If a dog does it once, then any consequences should not be expected. Since this is part of his natural behavior, the body will not suffer from such treats. However, you should not encourage it. The most unpleasant thing that can happen after a dog ate cat poo (during eating, there can be nothing more unpleasant) is the infection with parasites. Cats can tolerate living organisms and do not give any signs of it.

So if you see any signs of sickness after the dog ate cat litter, go to the veterinarian to avoid complications. However, remember that diseases are better prevented than cured, so it is better to wean the dog from this addiction.

How to Stop My Dog from Eating Cat Poop?

The best method for you and your dog is to use a ‘Stop’ or ‘Leave it’ command. Of course, this approach will take time and consistency. But if your dog realizes that you don’t approve of this behavior, he won’t do it even in your absence.

A simpler and faster way to fight this habit is to use dog protection trays. Such a device will require additional investment, but your cat will feel much calmer.

After all, if the reason for this is diet or excess energy — review your dog’s diet and walk with him more.

We hope your pets will remind you of their origins in such unpleasant ways as rarely as possible. However, you should not panic if your dog ate cat poop – it just happens. Find out the reason and try to correct this behavior as soon as possible.

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