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Why Are Dogs Afraid of Thunder?

fear of thunder in dogs

Probably, every person who has a dog noticed that dog scared of thunder and trying to hide somewhere during a storm. Fear of a thunderstorm is a real phobia of dogs, which is based on an instinctive level. Scientists have found that some dogs can even feel pain during a thunderstorm.

In this article: we will find out why dog afraid of thunderstorms, tell you what to do, and give some useful tips.

Main Reasons for Dog Storm Anxiety

dog scared of storms
  • Strong wind
  • Lightning
  • A sharp change in atmospheric pressure
  • High electrification in the air
  • Strong and high-frequency thunder

Indeed, dogs are afraid of thunder because of loud and sharp sounds. Flashes of lightning, followed by thunder rumbles, gusts of wind drive you crazy. Dogs react sensitively to the level of ozone in the atmosphere, spikes in atmospheric pressure. Studies conducted on this issue have shown that shepherd breeds (by the way, Australian sheepdogs are also among them) are very sensitive. These phobias are, in general, typical for them.

It all starts with a feeling of anxiety and disorderly barking. The dog is afraid of storms begins to run around the apartment, trying to attract attention. When the thunderstorm front comes, the dogs shiver, the whole body shakes, the dog stops obeying commands, shows destructive behavior, howling, whining, and makes attempts to escape from the house by any means.

Animals that live in rainy regions are usually dependent on the weather, and it is very difficult for them to bear this period. During the rainy period, they are stressed, and may also become depressed.

Some pets panic suddenly, start to cry and shiver and refuse to eat. But this does not apply to all dogs. For example, cattle dogs do not have this phobia, and rescue dogs are trying to warn everyone that a thunderstorm is approaching, while they remain in complete peace.

What Should You Do during Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety?

dog terrified of thunder

The presence of the master, the “Leader” calms the dog scared of storms. The “Leader” will protect and solve all problems – he is the leader. Therefore, it is enough just to be near the dog, talk to him, or try to play. The main thing is to switch her attention from the object of fear to the master.

However, this also requires time and training. You should not expect that the animal will immediately calm down and behave as usual. For the first time, it will be afraid. But then the association “The dog terrified of thunder – the owner was near – everything ended well” will remain in its brain. Although, it may require several such episodes.

To calm the dog, you need to make the animal consider the man to be the leader. It is achieved through training, communication, and education – a lot of preparatory work. It is also worth remembering that in the case of some breeds of dogs, training, and full obedience to the owner is the only correct option for treatment.

A Few Tips about Fear of Thunder in Dogs

dog storm anxiety

You can help your pet to spend stressful time mute more easily by following simple advice:

The Dog Should Be Praised for Good Behavior

There is no need to calm him down, instead, if the dog shows courage, he must be praised. If you calm the dog during a panic, he will quickly get used to it and when he is left home alone during a storm, he will not be able to overcome his fear on his own.

It Is Necessary to Take Care of a Comfortable Shelter for the Dog

During the panic, the dog wants to hide in a haven, where he will feel more secure. In this case, the best option is to take care of the maximum comfort of the shelter for the dog. The main point in the construction of the burrow is a small space and a good view of the area for the dog. So he will be much calmer. If the dog is in a bunker, it is better not to touch it.

Consult with the Veterinarian

If the panic state of your pet is too strong and all attempts to help your pet to survive this stress are useless, then you need a consultation with the veterinarian. He will help the dog by prescribing him sedatives. They will relieve the pet’s suffering, but still, it will be necessary to follow the advice listed above.

So, the fear of dogs of thunderstorms has a logical reason. Therefore, you should treat your pet with respect and help him in solving this problem.

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