May. 18.2020 | Updated: September 24, 2021

Why a Dog Might Become Aggressive

aggressive dogs

The main reasons that serve as a trigger for a dog to become a potential killer are:

Unscrupulous Breeding

Aggression is a vice prescribed by the Standard in most breeds. Such dogs are not allowed to breed. But not every breeder agrees to voluntarily give up profits, so a puppy with a complex character is put up for sale without conscience. You can get a dog that’s dangerous not only to strangers but also to family members if you don’t start training him on the rules of society in time;

Incorrect Puppy Housing

Any puppy should be brought up strictly enough, but without being beaten or screamed at. In fact, owners can either indulge (sleep on the owner’s bed, bites during games, excessive caress, etc.) or, conversely, they can wean their puppy, punish him undeservedly, not communicate or play with him, or allow the kids to mock the puppy. Naturally, this will significantly worsen the dog’s character. Another harbinger of misfortune is when your puppy stays in the flat without any contact with other dogs, without seeing any strangers or cars. A captive dog that is not socialized by its owner will behave inadequately when he is released or sees an outsider;

Lack of Training

Dog owners often do not understand the primary purpose of dog training. Many think a dog is smart enough by nature so there’s no need to train him. In fact, any dog will need to take a general dog training course. A trained animal will obey its master’s will. It is especially important to properly raise a large dog whose blood has historically been aggressive to humans or other animals. It’s right when the master’s word is the law. A dog is not a subject of his own instincts and desires;

Inconsistency Between the Character of the Dog and Its Owner

Many “serious” breeds of dogs are by nature used to dominate. They will understand from an early age how the owner treats them and how they react to their antics. A true tyrant can grow out of a puppy and dictate his conditions to the family if the owner’s character is overly mild. Naturally, if he’s in danger, he won’t listen to his master and if he wants to attack, no one will stop him.

Raising a dog is a responsible process that requires knowledge and commitment from the owner.

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