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List of White Dogs: Small, Big, and Fluffy Breeds & How to Take Care of Them

List of White Dogs

Many of us like white color, so today we have prepared a selection of white dog breeds for you. Do not be afraid that you would often have to bathe your pet after a walk, because most of them have a self-cleaning feature in their coats. Usually, you can bathe it 3-4 times per year with homemade shampoo or other alternatives. In addition, frequent bathing can damage the skin and cause irritation. To keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy, brush it more often, so you can remove most of the dirt. We will give you some tips for caring for dogs with white coats!

List of White Dogs

Such dogs are not so rare as you might think and can be divided into three types of white dogs – small, large, and fluffy breeds.

Little White Dogs

French Bulldog

French Bulldog is not only a wrinkle breed, but also has a white coat. It is enough to brush it 1-2 times a week and to bathe it several times a year. After water procedures, dry your pet’s body well with a towel. It is better to use a hairdryer only if the dog is not afraid of it. Do not forget to keep your teeth clean, they need to be brushed once a week. Due to their anatomical structure, sulfur accumulates little, but dirt and insects get in easily, so clean them once a week. White Bulldogs have a small amount of discharge from the eyes, so wipe them during the time so that there are no complications.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier is a popular and recognizable breed in the whole world. Grooming would not be too much of a hassle, although this breed sheds throughout the year. The natural protective layer of the coat can be damaged by frequent bathing, so do not use it too often. After walking, it is enough to wipe your pet’s paws with a damp towel or dog tissues. Vets recommended brushing teeth once a week and using specialized toothpaste. Also, don’t forget to check its ears twice a month, and clean if they are dirty. You can create a special calendar so that you don’t miss any of the procedures for these beautiful white dogs.

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz has a kind disposition and does not like loneliness. It has a unique coat that repels dust and debris, so you need to bathe your dog 4-5 times a year. Daily brushing is also not required for the breed, except during the molting period. For the first time, puppies begin to shed their hair at 7-11 months, and until that time they have fluff. Teeth are often advised to clean with a bandage wrapped around your finger, so you need to teach pure white dogs to open their mouth and not close it until you give the command. It is better not to remove tartar on your own, otherwise, it is easy to damage the enamel. Also, remember to check your ears for cleanliness.

Big White Dog Breeds


Samoyed is a friendly and active breed that quickly becomes attached to its owner. Its coat gets wet neither from snow nor rain and has an amazing ability to clean itself due to the presence of natural oils on it. Frequent bathing can impair this ability and can cause skin problems or colds in the dog. Therefore, you can bathe your pet no more than 2 times a year. The exception is the paws, which need to be washed after each walk. And we recommend combing the wool every 4-5 days. Teeth care consists of brushing them weekly with a special paste, and the ears can be wiped with a dry soft cloth per month.


Komondors are cute white dog breeds. Their coats are getting longer every year, and you would need more time to care for them. But in no case comb it, because you must untangle the tangles by hand, otherwise, you would ruin the pet’s coat and hurt it. It is enough to bathe such a dog once a year. It is also worth paying attention to caring for your ears and eyes because dirt from the coat can get there and cause a dangerous infection.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees is one of the most giant white dog breeds. Such a dog sheds a lot, so if you are not ready for this, you better pay attention to another pet. The coat of the breed is capable of self-cleaning, so the dogs do not need frequent bathing, but they need to be combed out often. The eyes and ears also do not need specific care, but if you notice dirt, gently wipe them off. If your dog lives on the street all the time, then its coat would not be snow-white.

Fluffy White Dog Breeds


Maltese. This is a smart and companionable breed that adores its owner and wants to be with them 24/7. Despite the fact that the breeders claim that this is a neat and clean breed, it is worth recognizing that this depends on the efforts of the owner. You need to comb your pet daily and visit a groomer, and bathe once a week. Try oils that don’t wash off immediately after bathing, as they would help make your pet’s coat silky. This secret is often used by breeders and dog handlers before competitions. However, if you do not plan to participate in shows, you can trim your dog, this would allow you to spend less time grooming the coat. Caring for a dog’s ears and teeth is no different from caring for any other purebred pet.


Pomeranians can be breeds of white dogs. You can bathe it once every half a month or even once every two. If the coat and paws are a little dirty, you can simply wipe them off with a damp towel. During the molting period, you should not bathe your pet, because then it would be difficult to comb it. Check the length of the dog’s nails every two weeks and trim if they are too long. It is better to train the dog for this procedure from an early age, otherwise, problems may arise with the adult pet.

Kishu Ken

Kishu Ken is a hunting dog breed. The dog needs to be combed once a week, but during molting twice a day. You need to bathe as soon as it gets dirty, but not very often, as it can irritate the skin. It is best to periodically wipe the coat with a damp towel. It is important to clean the ears of any dog. Likewise, it is necessary to monitor the hearing organs closely. The check is carried out daily in the form of an inspection. If there is dirt, you would have to remove it with a cotton pad. Also, keep your eyes and teeth hygienic. When walking, your dog may not always grind down its nails, so check them regularly. Talk to your veterinarian about a nail clipper.

Of course, it is not a full list of all white dog breeds, but these dogs you can meet in the park more often than others. If you have a pet with a white coat, don’t be shy and share some useful tips for carrying that you use!

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