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When Do Puppies Start Walking: How Long It Should Be and What Should Be Done Before

when do puppies start walking

If you want to find out at what age puppies start walking, you need to google not only this question. Also when you should do vaccinations for your puppy. Veterinarians strongly advise against going outside and contacting other puppies without at least the first vaccination. It is a dangerous and unreasonable risk. To answer in detail the question: “When is it safe to start walking a puppy”? We have highlighted frequently asked questions (FAQ). And we will try to answer them in as much detail as possible.

When Do Puppies Start Walking If I Have a Private House?

Once your puppy can walk on its own, you can start walking. For the owners of private houses, there are much more advantages to walking on their site. First of all, prepare the area from all kinds of “prey” that can attract the attention of your pet. Dogs love to walk and puppies are no exception. Also, check that there are no holes in the fence, so that stranger dogs do not run into the territory or your pet does not run in search of adventure. Indeed, while the pet does not have the appropriate vaccinations and the permission of the veterinarian, such contact can be dangerous. Train your puppy on a leash and collar while walking on your territory. And in no case do not allow anything to be lifted off the floor.

If your puppy already has the necessary vaccinations, it’s time to push the boundaries.

Can Puppies Start Walking in 1.5 Months If We Live in the Apartment?

The only obstacle is vaccination. If you have already made them in 1.5 months, then feel free to end the isolation and go outside for a walk and communicate with other dogs. If on a private territory you can remove “prey” that is unsafe to take in the mouth of a puppy, then on the street it is not possible. Therefore, at each attempt, you need to give a strict command “fu” and look the puppy in the eyes with a stern gaze. At first, try to choose an area where there are fewer people to devote time to training. Pay attention to games while walking. It will help your pet to wean it from chewing on things in the house.

What Age Do Puppies Start Walking?

puppy learning to walk

Since most owners make the first vaccinations to their pets at the age of 1.5-2 months, this age is considered generally accepted for walking. However, already from the first month of life, the puppy needs to be accustomed to the sounds of the street. Open the windows and stand with the puppy near it. And if the weather is good, the puppy can be carried outside in your arms for no more than 15 minutes. However, remember to avoid contact with other animals. After long-term isolation, walks with a pet becomes more complete. It is about 2.5-3 months old. By the way, once you have made the vaccination, you need to stay at home for one to two weeks. So, if you are wondering how long before puppies walk, it is near 1.5-3 months.

How Long Should I Walk with a Puppy?

The length of the walk depends on the physical capabilities of your puppy and its breed. Large breed puppies are tougher than others. However, we do not recommend walking your puppy for about an hour or more. When start walking a puppy, it must be no more than 10-30 minutes at least 4 times a day. The decision to increase or decrease the walk should be made based on your puppy’s needs. So, an individual approach is needed here.

The Puppy Learning to Walk, What If He Is Afraid?

If the dog is afraid of the street and pulls the leash towards the house, do not caress it. For the pet, these signals are approval of the behavior. Try to distract your puppy. It can be done with a treat or a toy. When the puppy begins to move independently, praise it. Do not get angry or yell at your pet as you will create negative associations with the street. And the last tip, do not use the commands in a moment of fear. Try to get attention with the dog’s name.

We hope this article answered your main questions. Thank you for reading the article to the end! See you again very soon!

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