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What Is a Whelping Box, How Does It Look Like, and Is It Necessary to Buy

What Is a Whelping Box

What is a whelping box? It is a safe and even ideal place for your pregnant dog to give new lives. Before this important process, your dog would try to find a quiet and comfortable place. According to the whelping box definition, it is a place that can be kept clean, disinfected, and easy to install and remove. So, think about this important purchase. Perhaps, you have some questions, and you will receive all the necessary answers:

  • Size and material of the whelping box;
  • What to put in it;
  • Is it warm in it;
  • What benefits does it have.

All information is below!

What Does a Whelping Box Look Like?

Each box should have a bottom and four sides. The flanks should be 12 to 18 inches high, with a lower opening in the front to allow the mother-dog to get in and out of the box. Ideally, the crate should have an internal rail that runs around all four walls and is set 4 to 6 inches above the bottom of the crate. This path prevents the dog from accidentally pushing newborn puppies against the wall and suffocating.

Whelping Box: Size

The birthing box for dogs should be large enough so that the mother and her puppies can have a lot of places and feel comfortable. You should know the weight of your pregnant dog and consider that there would soon be 2 to 5 puppies in the box. If you did an ultrasound scan at a veterinary clinic, then it is easier to predict. Be sure to consult with a whelping chart, tell them what kind of breed you have, so it would be easier for them to choose the best option. By the way, if you have a private house and your pet lives on the street in a cage, then you can choose a box according to these dimensions. It should be slightly larger than the cage. How big should a whelping box be? It should be at least 12-15 inches larger than the cage you would choose for your dog.

How Warm Should a Whelping Box Be?

The mother and her puppies need to keep warm, but do not let them overheat, because this gives them discomfort. You can leave the box at about 85 inches for the first two to three days and then adjust it to maintain the temperature at 75 to 80 degrees. You should also adjust it according to the temperature in your area. This is not required in warm climates. In winter, temperature helps a lot. Be sure to pay attention to a mother-dog. If she looks uncomfortable, breathes heavily, and moves away from the box, then she may become too hot. Refrigerate the dog because her stay with the puppies for the first 6 weeks is necessary.

What to Put in Whelping Box?

Do not put plates on the floor because puppies can crawl inside. First, hang a plate to the side of the box, or feed and water at least every 2-3 hours. Mother-dog should be taken outside frequently and regularly to relieve her condition.

How to Set Up a Whelping Box?

Top Whelping Boxes

You should choose a quiet room that can be isolated from the rest of the members of the family, especially other dogs. Usually, the mother takes great care of her puppies during the first 2-3 weeks, further 2-3 weeks a dog-mother teaches puppies to socialize. It does not want strangers to come to the puppies and, as a rule, does not want other animals in the family to look at them.

Why You Should Use a Whelping Box?

Among the main advantages of the whelping box:

  • Inside the box, they have enough room to move around if you get the right size, and there is no way to escape and harm yourself;
  • A dog that has recently given birth may become temporarily more anxious and aggressive, so she needs a fenced, safe and comfortable place;
  • You can control and monitor the well-being of your pets;
  • You can provide the pets with the necessary temperature regime;
  • Have you heard anything about group training? This can work great for small puppies as they are all enclosed in one small but comfortable space. Of course, we mean simple and basic commands.

Top 3 Whelping Boxes

You can buy any box online f, but which one to choose from a large assortment?

Hudson Screwless

Hudson Screwless

This box has a really high rating on Amazon – 4.7/5. It is made of durable and safe material that is easy to clean. It is also easy to move the box to another location. According to reviews, in such a 48 by 48 box, a German Shepherd dog and her 8 puppies perfectly fit.

Lakeside Magnabox Extension

Lakeside Magnabox Extension

Magnabox has designated sides and gaps to allow for better airflow and interaction with the puppies. Its main benefit is to provide space for the dog and allow the puppies to start developing leg strength while walking and playing. It has a movable door, the height of which the mother-dog can easily step over, but for safety reasons, very small puppies cannot. It is also easy to clean and move.



Dura-Whelp box is made of durable corrugated plastic with reinforced corner brackets to make the frame stronger. In front of the drawer, there is a half door for easy access. It has four different sizes, easy to set up, and clean. So, let us summarize, what is a whelping box used for? It is used for the period of born and care of newborn puppies. Make your female dog and her puppies comfortable in this period!

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