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What Is a Puppuccino, Is It Safe for My Dog & How Can I Order It at Starbucks

what is a puppuccino

What is a puppuccino? It is a small espresso coffee cup filled with whipped cream, specially made for our four-legged furry companions. Small amounts of dairy products, including whipped cream, are sometimes perfectly safe for most dogs. However, there is nothing wrong with consulting your dog’s veterinarian before buying it. Some dogs that are very sensitive to dairy products or have a special diet should avoid drinking puppuccino. Let’s find out more about such an interesting beverage and get the full answer to the question: “What’s in the puppuccino at Starbucks”?

What Is a Pup Cup at Starbucks and How to Order?

Starbucks puppuccino

It is a small cup of whipped cream that your pet would enjoy. If you have a puppy or dog with a sensitive stomach, you can let your dog enjoy a few sips of it, then take it home and refrigerate for later use. How to order a puppuccino? This is a menu item that you cannot order through the Starbucks app – just tell your barista that you are driving with your dog, and they will know exactly what you are talking about. How much are pup cups at Starbucks? They are free. You can always order it with paid items, but if you only came for Puppuccino, be sure to tip the barista!

Is Starbucks’ Drink for Dogs Safe?

While your dog should generally stick to dog food and snacks, there is nothing wrong with Puppuccino as a special treat. If your dog has no digestive problems, it is best not to eat dairy products. Any dog ​​that eats too much dairy will cause stomach discomfort, which is why every puppy insists on drinking a cup. If you’re worried about giving your pet some whipped cream, consider having your veterinarian check it.

Does Starbucks Have Pup Cups for Lactose Intolerants?

Many dogs are lactose intolerant, but small amounts of milk and dairy products usually do not affect them. If you notice that your pet has diarrhea, vomiting, or flatulence after eating dairy products, you should probably avoid them. This includes Starbucks puppuccino. But we found the review of one guy who broke this rule. And as a result, his pet has diarrhea.

Can I Order a Puppuccino at Starbucks or Make it at Home?

what is a pup cup at Starbucks

We can advise you and provide all the information you need about the product. However, we also analyzed why other owners allow this drink. This is what we found.

  • “Tom worked at Starbucks in Los Angeles in the 1990s, and one day a girl came to their store with a puppy. Then his manager told that one is not allowed to be there with a pet. Now that guy has another job and a little four-legged friend. And he is happy to spend time with his pet in the place where he earned his first money.”

Perhaps this is a too sentimental story, but we could not help but tell about it. What did we mean? Times are changing, and it’s great that most cafés and restaurants began to welcome visitors with animals and even offer them something delicious. After all, all such innovations are invented and implemented by people who have faced injustice and want to correct it. Of course, only you can decide whether to drink your puppy. But don’t forget to call your veterinarian for advice.

Simple Recipe of a Pup Cup Like in Starbucks

You can buy whipped cream like a Reddi-wip. Or you will need the following ingredients:

  • Milk;
  • Cream;
  • Mono and diglycerides;
  • Carrageenan.

Whisk well until thick foam and a treat for your pet is ready. Also, do not forget that ingredients must be fresh to avoid adverse effects, such as an upset stomach.

Did you know about such a drink before reading the article? If your dog hasn’t had a treat like this before, check with your veterinarian and go to Starbucks for some delicious coffee for yourself and a puppuccino for your best friend!

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