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What To Do if Your Dog Feels Nervous in the Car?

dog in the car

Some dogs love to travel by car. They enjoy the headwinds and landscapes that fly by. But for other pets, such a trip turns into a real nightmare, and time is powerless: no matter how much you take your dog with you, he still whines and hides under the seats. How can you help your pet overcome his fear of cars?

Let’s find out what could cause such fears? Your pet likely has some negative experiences with cars, and maybe they’re just affected by the shaking. In the second case, pills for motion sickness will help. In the first case, you have a difficult job to do. You can try to convince your dog that traveling in a car will not hurt him. Show that they’re related to something pleasing, and make sure that when you start the engine, the dog doesn’t start whining, but cheerfully wags its tail in anticipation of a nice trip. How can you do that?

Tips for Traveling With a Dog in the Car

  • Talk to your pet more often, praise him, scratch his ear. The voice and the host’s touch are very soothing.
  • You can put a dog bedding or a mat in its place in the car. Don’t forget that the world is full of different scents for our animals, and your dog catches many strange, unfamiliar shades in the car, which can cause severe stress. However, if he smells his bedding, he will react more calmly to the unusual situation.
  • Make more frequent stops and get your dog out of the car during the journey. Give her time to recover, play with it, and give it a treat.
  • At first, it is useful to travel short distances with your dog. Our main goal is to make sure that the dog associates the journey with something enjoyable. Take it to the nearest park for a walk with her friends’ dogs, where they can play and have fun. Often dogs are afraid of cars as they are associated with unpleasant visits to the vet in their memory, and such associations should be replaced with happy moments for your pet.
  • Never raise your voice on a dog or punish him no matter how much you get tired of his whining. It’s also ridiculous to punish a pet if he vomits.
  • It is better to lower the volume of your favorite music in the car a little!
  • Don’t forget that you must never feed your pet before leaving. It should be a few hours between feeding and starting the journey so that the food can be absorbed and the dog does not throw up.
  • Impressive pets can benefit from a dog sedative recommended by their vet.

Remember that nothing is impossible. On the streets, you will often find a biker dog sitting in a motorcycle basket and feeling just fine. The main thing here is patience and the desire to help your pet enjoy the trip.

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