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What Is Pet Fire Safety Day?

pet fire safety day

National pet fire safety day is not a holiday. Unfortunately, fires are a tremendous threat in our technological time. Blaze can come to any house, and it is better to be ready for it. How does this relate to pets?

Toothed pets can cause fires themselves. If you leave a little friend at home alone, he’ll behave like a child. You should worry about pet fire safety in such cases. One of the most common reasons for a fire is damaged wiring. A short-circuit will have time to turn into a big blaze while you come home. At least make sure your pet has a proper toy for his teeth, otherwise, he may play with fire.

On this day you should also talk about helping your pet in a fire. We make emotional decisions when a stressful situation occurs. People make mistakes and lose precious time under these conditions. Gather your family and plan your actions during an emergency. Most importantly, appoint a person responsible for saving your pet. It is the best way to celebrate Pet Fire Safety Day.

How Can You Help the Pet if It Injured in a Fire?

saving a pet

Give your pet as much fresh air as possible in case of carbon monoxide poisoning. Examine your pet’s mouth and gently remove foreign objects that may make it difficult to breathe. If breathing is not active, or if breathing is very poor, give your pet CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Cover the muzzle of the pet tightly with lips and make two breaths; for big dogs close the mouth tightly and take 2 breaths through the nose. Your pet should be taken to the clinic immediately afterward.

In case of burns, cover the area with a clean, damp, cool cloth. If the wound surface is dirty (wool, scorched clothes, etc.), clean it. Gently rinse the wound with cool, clean water and remove any dirt residues. Never pierce a burning bladder or treat the wound with any drugs or oils before seeing a doctor. You can only make your animal worse by doing so.

Be safe, and remember the safety of your pets.

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