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What is Global Pet Expo 2021?

Global Pet Expo 2021

We all love pets very much, almost like our own children. Children deserve all the best, and so when it comes to food, care, or toys we can not save money. Treating pets as family members and not just as useful animals have allowed the pet industry to grow to a huge scale.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) have created a platform to grow this business even further. It is the meeting place for hundreds or even thousands of pet manufacturers and sellers. The best representatives of their industries come here to demonstrate their advanced achievements, share experiences, and learn something new.

Global pet show presents not only dog products, but everything that concerns pets in general. Producers showcase new products for cats, horses, reptiles, birds, and even fish. Global Pet Expo 2020, which was held in February and did not feel the all-changing COVID-19, gathered about 1200 companies from around the world.

The showcase of new products invites manufacturers to highlight their latest products and collect first customer feedback. It is one of the main advantages of the event. The large scale allows us to collect all the novelties in one place. The area of almost 16 soccer fields is divided into hundreds of boxes. Each of them presents its products and services to expand the market and bring something new.

Each exhibition is also a little competition. New Products Showcase Award and the Retailer Excellence Award are the main categories for manufacturers and distributors of pet products. Exhibition officials, together with the best pet business magazines, choose the winners in each category.

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The aim of this event, however, is not only to mediate between buyers and sellers. The organizers believe that unification of producers and distributors within the associations will help to improve the quality of the pet’s goods market. Moreover, Global Pet Expo holds the author’s seminars where many hours of lectures from professionals are devoted to doing business and interaction with the end consumer.

The next Global Pet Expo will be held in 2021 in Orlando, Florida. The event invites retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers, and other professionals. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, it is worth doing. The event will be useful not only for industry players but also for all lovers of animals. The best that we can offer our fluffy friends can be found there. See you at Global Pet Expo Orlando!

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