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What Is Dog Education and How Is It Different From Training?

dogs education process

Training is about teaching a dog about specific commands, including the complicated cycle of commands that are required in different professional areas.

While education is a broader concept which aims to cultivate a dog’s socially acceptable behavior. And while training takes only 4-5 months, education takes a lifetime, as a dog will always learn something new throughout its life, face different conditions, get into different situations, and the task of the owner is to explain to the pet how to behave correctly.

The essence of education is not to teach a dog to follow commands automatically, but to convey to him an understanding of what is good and bad, what can and cannot be done.

The main tool of education is the voice and intonation, the main incentive – a treat. You can only physically influence your dog when it is really necessary. The punishment should be symbolic and not hurt your dog. Otherwise, he’ll just start to be afraid of you and certainly stop respecting you.

The Process of Dog’s Education

The education will not only teach your dog acceptable behavior in the home and outdoors, but will also help to shape the relationship between your pet, the owner, and other family members. Remember that your dog will learn about the nature of your family members and seek to fit into a certain hierarchy as the family is a pack. It is important to show your dog that you are his master and that he should always listen to you on time. When a dog is still very young, he will automatically see all family members as more experienced and older. But a junior, healthy dog will most likely overestimate the picture and try to take a more confident place in the family. As a rule, the self-perception of large dogs is based on their strength and that of small dogs on cunning.

Chastisement, screaming, and rudeness will never help to arouse your dog’s respect. He’ll simply start to fear and avoid you and won’t see you as a wise leader.

The dog leader is the one who gives food, takes the dog for walks, takes care of it, praises it fairly, and punishes it. You will be able to show the dog who is the leader of the house, only through competent treatment, consistent education, joint active walks, and building mutual understanding. Do not underestimate the importance of emotional contact and joint pastime of the owner and the pet.

Don’t forget that education is not about commanding a dog for the whim of the master, but about standards of behavior that ensure the safety of others and the pet itself. It’s your job to show your dog that all you do is care for him and that his health is protected.

Dog education is an interesting and exciting process that brings the owner and the pet closer together. Good luck and patience to you in this important matter!

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