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What Games Do Puppies Playing?

games for puppies

Games are necessary for the malignant development of children. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about humans or animals. Teaching the world around us and building relationships is easier by playing. Therefore, we should approach it with all responsibility. Moreover, games help to develop physically and morally. Do you still have doubts about playing with your puppy?

An energetic puppy means a puppy at any time except sleep. It’ll chew on anything it meets. Just one toy can save your home from a little shredder. It’s best not to leave your puppy alone, but if you don’t have a choice, it’s best to leave him with toys.

Toys are not substituting games. Games are about communication between the owner and the pet. By playing with puppies, you can strengthen your bond and even set boundaries. It is the best way to explain to your new pet what place he belongs in your pack and what he is allowed to do in your home.

It’s also the best way to develop your dog’s intelligence. Most games do not just rely on agility or endurance. Your puppy can surprise you with his cleverness even in the simplest of games, and you’ll be ashamed that you underestimated him. So play more if you want your dog to be smarter.

How to Play with a Puppy?

useful game for dogs

Before we discuss some of the most common simple and entertaining puppy care games, it’s worth mentioning the general rules.

Think twice before you lose. Professionals still argue about this, but most agree that losing is bad for your credibility. Sometimes you can let your dog have some success in the game so that he doesn’t lose interest, but don’t forget that playing is one of the main ways to show and cement a dominant position over your dog.

It’s not worth winning at all costs. Your dog’s health and mental state come first. If you can’t win the game, it’s better not to play than to win by force or dishonestly.

Do not turn games into trials. You can teach command in the form of a game, but then do not require much and do not punish your pet. The dog training games should be fun and not exhausting, otherwise, you can ruin your relationship.

Do not allow behavior that you suppress in everyday life during the game. It applies first and foremost to bites. Your dog should know that he cannot use his teeth against people in general and especially against the owner.

The Most Useful Game for Dogs

Chewing toy

It’s the easiest thing you can think of to entertain your puppy. What’s more, you can play together or let it play alone.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to raise your puppy. If you praise him for chewing on his toy, he won’t chew on anything without praise. It’s the best way to save shoes. A good habit gained as a child will keep your dog disciplined for the rest of his life.

Your puppy needs to be especially careful when growing its teeth. Toys will save the gums from itching and help to deal with this unpleasant process. But these need to be safe toys and safe games. Poor quality toys or excessive play can damage a puppy’s bite. Think about your puppy’s health first.

Tug of war

puppy playing

This game will allow you to establish the first relationship as a host and pet. Just pull the rope that your dog keeps in his teeth. As we wrote above, you have to be careful when playing with puppies. His teeth are only growing and can be quite easily damaged if you’re too afraid to lose.

It is exactly the kind of power game where it’s best not to lose, so your dog doesn’t doubt the hierarchy. However, everything is individual, and if you have a strong-willed pet, it will need at least a little bit of advantage to stay interested. In this case, finish the game strictly as you wish and not by manipulating your dog.

The piggy in the middle

It’s a great opportunity to spend leisure time not only for the owner and the dog but also for the rest of the family. Just throw or roll the ball on the ground from one player to another while your dog tries to intercept this pass.

This game perfectly socializes the dog in the company of new people as it can involve as many people as possible. It is also one of the best puppy training games to develop intelligence. You will be surprised by the tricks the dogs are ready to take away the ball from you!

Remember that safety is paramount, so be careful with outdoor games for dogs. Avoid roads, rubbish, or deep ponds. Make sure your dog doesn’t pick up anything from the ground, much less eat what it finds.

And the best advice is to stay with friends. Don’t forget that your dog needs a real emotional bond and your love more than toys and treats.

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