Feb. 09.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

What Fruits Can You Treat Your Dog With?

Dogs, unlike cats, are omnivores. Accordingly, they can eat the same people eat, including fruits. However, do not rush to open the refrigerator and give it everything you want. Now you will find out what you can and should give, and what is strictly prohibited and even dangerous to its health.

As for apples, this is the most common delicacy that will suit everyone. In addition to its taste, it contains vitamins A and C. Moreover, apples are a kind of “toothbrush” for dogs. Even so, you should be careful and remove all inedible parts before treating the dog, as the seeds contain some cyanide.

Do You Like Strawberries? Dogs Do Too!

dog eating fruits

This delicious fruit will strengthen the immune system due to the high amount of vitamin C, manganese, and potassium.

But don’t feed your pet with grapes and raisins, as it is toxic for most dogs. Please contact the vet clinic as soon as possible if your dog has the following symptoms: loss of appetite, weakness, diarrhea.

And don’t overdo it with oranges because excessive consumption carries with it stomach problems. Nevertheless, oranges contain vitamin C that helps to get rid of toxic substances.

Generally, each dog breed has different nutritional recommendations and it is impossible to adhere to a specific list. The important thing is- your food must always be fresh and of high quality.

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