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What Do You Feed a Large Breed Pup?

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As you know, breeds of dogs are divided into small, medium, and large. Sizing not only helps classify dogs but also sets the approach to keeping a pet. The nuances of dog care, walking patterns, and diet depend on the size of the dog. Therefore, large breed puppy food has its important features.

Feeding puppies is one of the paramount topics in dog breeding. Puppies have a rapid metabolism, their skeletons develop and strengthen also rapidly, and the immune system learns to resist various stimuli. Under the age of 1, during a puppy’s rapid growth period, the foundation for their future health and well-being is laid. And, of course, harmonious development is impossible without quality balanced nutrition.

Puppies who don’t eat enough vitamins and other nutrients grow up weak and sick. Severe problems with health, appearance, and even the psyche of such babies can appear even in the first months of life because the body was never able to get the necessary material for the competent construction. At the same time, properly nourished puppies grow up healthy, active, strong, and beautiful, and they pass all stages of development on time and demonstrate compliance with the standard of their breed. Therefore, the issue of feeding should not be neglected in any way.

Large breed puppy food is slightly different from those of other dogs. Rapidly growing organisms need a lot of energy and nutritious food because they have so much work to do. These conditions place enormous strain on the locomotor system, particularly the spine, which is not yet strong enough. That’s why your puppy’s diet must contribute to the health of his joints and bones.

The easiest way to feed your puppy the right way is to eat quality, ready-to-use large breed puppy food. They contain all the ingredients needed for a puppy to develop harmoniously and your puppy won’t need any extra vitamin and mineral supplements. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to properly balance the ingredients at home. Besides, cooking for your puppy is a time consuming and painstaking process.

best puppy food for large breeds

An unbalanced diet causes many problems, the most common of which are vitamin deficiencies and weight gain. And while vitamins are understandable, overweight doesn’t just spoil your puppy’s appearance, it also compromises the health of its bones and joints. Puppies who are overweight have a higher risk of limb strain and spinal problems. It should never be allowed to happen as the consequences will affect the quality of your dog’s future life.

A fat puppy may look funny and cute, but overweight is by no means a normal condition, but a problem with serious consequences. Be careful not to overfeed your puppy.

To avoid problems associated with unbalanced feeding, choose food for your puppy with responsibility. Purchase complete specially designed large breed puppy food. Foods for tiny, small, or medium-sized dogs can’t fully meet the needs of a large puppy.

Do Puppies Need More or Less Protein?

good large breed puppy food

To help you select the right brand for your puppy, let’s see what characteristics a good large breed puppy food should have.

  • The main ingredient of the diet is meat. Meat is the main source of protein that meets dogs’ natural nutritional needs. That’s why a large breed puppy must get more protein.
  • Food should also have a high level of protein and fat content, which is essential for your dog to develop properly during his rapid metabolism.
  • Note the calcium-phosphorus ratio for large breed puppies’ nutrition. A balance of calcium and phosphorus in a rapidly growing puppy’s diet produces a strong and healthy skeleton.
  • The food should be enriched with glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, and phosphorus, which are essential for the formation of healthy cartilage tissue and the development of the musculoskeletal system.
  • L-carnitine improves energy and metabolic processes in muscles and is essential for the development of strong muscles.

We’ve mentioned a few characteristics that a quality puppy food should have. Keep in mind that not all foods are equally useful. Super-premium class food is worth choosing, as it’s made from quality ingredients under strict control that the economy line can’t boast.

Feeding with natural ingredients can theoretically be as good as a ready-to-serve diet, but in practice, it takes too much effort to get the same composition as top brands.

Feel free to consult with experts and carefully review the description and composition of the diet before buying. Changing food lines is not recommended, as it’s very stressful for your puppy. So it’s best to look at brand information and feedback in advance, so you don’t make the wrong choice.

Puppies of large breeds are especially dangerous when they start chewing things. Why they do it – read here.

Take care of your pets and let them grow up strong and beautiful!

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