Jun. 15.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

Volunteers Have Saved 50 Hungry Dogs During Pandemic

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Volunteers took 50 hungry dogs out of Cyprus because of the pandemic. They had a cargo flight organized for them. Dogs live in the UK now.

Volunteer of «Dogs 4 Rescue», an organization that helps stray dogs, Andrea Siddons organized a cargo flight to the UK to get 50 starving dogs out of Cyprus.

It is estimated that there are about 200 thousand stray dogs and about one million cats in Cyprus, who are starving because people cannot feed them during the quarantine.

The post of «Dogs 4 Rescue» on Facebook says that some of the animals brought by Siddons were starved to death.

Now they are the happiest dogs in the world, «almost as happy as those dogs that have already found their place in the shelter», the organization said.

The animals arrived in the UK aboard Boeing 747, owned by British Airways, and during their flight dog handlers trained them and looked after them. Crew captain Paul Walker-Northwood, who was on the flight, said the crew were happy to support the mission to give the dogs «a chance for a better and much more comfortable life»

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