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Vladimir Putin’s Dogs

Everyone knows that Russian President Vladimir Putin likes dogs. That’s why foreign delegations give him four-legged pets on his birthday and another occasion. The President, in turn, is happy to get a tailed present. Putin himself chose the names of each animal. The Internet is full of photos where the Russian president appears in the company of a dog. So how many Putin pets are there? How and where do they live? What kind of dog does Vladimir Putin have?

Connie (Connie Leod Paulgrave)

vladimir putin dog

Labrador named Connie is an old cohabitant of Vladimir Putin. When the president of Russia first took office, Sergey Shoygu gave Vladimir Putin a puppy.

Connie lived with Vladimir in the same house. At the end of 2014, the first four-legged friend of the president was gone. A little later, a book called “Connie’s stories” was published. The book has been translated into English and is intended for learning a foreign language in junior high school.

In St. Petersburg, residents erected a monument called “The President’s Best Friend – Connie’s Dog”. The monument is located on Primorsky Prospekt. The residents of this neighborhood believe that this is how they will protect their streets from new buildings.

For many years, Connie herself was one of the most famous dogs in Russia. Today, in memory of Putin’s labrador, Wikipedia has a page with her biography.

Putin and Buffy

vladimir putin Buffy

The Bulgarian shepherd dog of impressive size was a gift from Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. At that time, Vladimir Putin also served as prime minister.

The president accepted the shepherd dog with the name of Yorko, which means “God of War”. Vladimir did not like this name. After that, an all-Russian contest was announced. Everyone could send his variant of the name for the president’s dog. The winner was Dima Sokolov, 5, who proposed to name the dog “Buffy.

Putin and Yume

Putin and Yume

In 2011, a tsunami occurred in Japan. A terrible event that took the lives of dozens of people. Russia was one of the first countries to assist in the aftermath of the crisis. In 2012, the Japanese delegation, wishing to thank the President of Russia and p Akita to Putin.

Yume means “dream”. Indeed, this breed is the pride of the eastern country, every Japanese wants to have such a dog in his home. Cynologists believe that Akita-Inu can determine the intentions of a stranger. The dog of this breed has a naturally developed mind and endurance. The dog will never attack a person until he hears the command of the owner.

The return gesture of Putin was a kitten of Siberian breed.

Yume is a rare companion of Vladimir during his official visits. Once the president took the dog with him to a press conference. When the dog entered the room, he began barking loudly. The animal was not used to camera flashes and a large number of people.



The youngest dog of Putin. In 2017 he was presented by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. The gift was made on the birthday of the head of Russia. Then he was 65 years old. The foreign guest presented the dog with the words: “We have one friend – you probably know, it is a dog, Alabai. And today I brought a little Alabai with me”.

How Many Dogs Does Putin Have?

Now Vladimir Putin has three dogs. Bulgarian shepherd dog Buffy, which was given to him by Bulgarian President Boyko Borisov, is the oldest dog in the house. Yume is a dog of Akita-Inu breed, who came from Japan and the youngest Alabai with the name ‘Vernyi’, which means (loyal).

Now you know almost all the important facts about Putin’s pets. Perhaps you will pay attention to one of the described breeds. You can read more about them on the pages of our blog.

Politics is complicated and we gather here exclusively to appreciate the beauty of dogs and our loyalty to these animals as companions. So even the coldest person can feel the warmth that the favorite dog gives.

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