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Types of Service Dogs

Different types of service dogs help people with disabilities live more fully and safely. These smartest animals help to see, hear, move, and even anticipate seizures. A special breed is not so important as almost any dog can be helpful. You may not even know how a pet can change your life. That’s why we have prepared the service dog types list so you can see how versatile the dog is.

We have lived with dogs so long ago that we almost forgot that they were part of the wild nature. When people just tamed these animals, our relationship was very different from today. We needed them for protection, war, and even work.

Today, the interaction between dogs and humans can be vital. We divide the animals that we need every day into the kinds of service dogs. Each species is vital, and we will talk about some of them in detail.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

list of service dogs

These dogs are of primary importance among all types of support dogs. They are very versatile. Although their specialization is people with impaired mobility, who, for example, use wheelchairs, they can help literally everyone.

Service dogs for physical disabilities can help you get up, guide you, lift an object you dropped, and even press a button for you! Isn’t this the kind of dog you have dreamed of?

It can be a faithful friend and helper every day if you are having trouble moving around on your own. Almost any breed is suitable for this purpose. Of course, if you want a dog to support you or carry a wheelchair, then large breeds of dogs are a priority. They can literally guide you.

Guide Dogs

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These are the most common service dogs. People with sight problems just can’t imagine anyone better for the role of a constant friend. Guide dogs help them find their way and protect them from collisions. They literally become human eyes.

Among the types of guide dogs, pets for the blind has received the most recognition in mass culture. Numerous films and TV shows show us incredibly intelligent animals that help blind owners to overcome daily difficulties.

Such a friend will always be ahead of you, will warn of the danger, and may even do some work for you. You will not have to call him twice or wait for him to hear you.

Hearing Dogs

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Pets who are trained to help the deaf or hearing-impaired continue our list of service dogs. Our ears are an essential source of information about the world around us as other organs. Imagine that you cannot hear a car beeping from behind, a doorbell, or even a microwave!

Hearing dogs can memorize different sounds and reproduce corresponding responses. For example, a pet may alert you to a ringing phone by touching or gesture.

The best thing about these service dog categories is that almost any breed is suitable to perform its functions. They must be calm and certainly not afraid of noise or other harsh sounds to notify the owner on time.

Seizure Alert Dogs

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Sometimes seconds decide. When you are at risk of seizures, you just need someone who knows what to do and how to help you around. Dogs responsible for seizures are trained to do this.

It can be one of the most controversial types of service dogs. They live with people who are in danger of epilepsy and other seizures to warn them. It seems that some dogs are more inclined to anticipate the impending seizure of their owner and to warn about it. It allows saving thousands of lives each year because dogs save the seconds in which people take out medicine and call for help.

The contradiction is that the mechanism of prediction is not fully understood. Therefore, many people doubt the reliability of this method. In any case, there are people whose lives were saved by a dog more than once.

Even if a pet can’t predict an attack, it will always be able to help if it happens. You can teach the dog to bring insulin or other drugs and call for help. We know of cases when the dog called 911 and even a psychiatrist.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

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They can easily be confused with ordinary dogs who help people because we all get emotional relaxation when communicating with animals. However, like other types of service dogs, they are trained to perform special tasks.

If the owner moping, looks depressed, or has a panic attack, the dog understands this and takes therapeutic actions. The range of his techniques consists, for example, of licking the owner’s face with his tongue and indirect heart massage, but this is enough to forget about the trauma and return to reality where your dog saves you.

All different kinds of service dogs are crucial. They replace nurses, rescuers, and even friends for us. The emotional involvement, loyalty, and intelligence of these animals allowed them to make our lives better.

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