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Best Types of Dog Bowls: How to Choose the Bowl for Your Dog

best dog bowls

What type of dog bowl is best? It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this matter. But in practice, it turns out that one model is much more convenient than the other and that an incorrectly selected bowl can lead to poor posture and even volvulus. Almost everyone believes that their choices are ideal. But what were you guided by when buying a bowl? It’s great if you unknowingly bought a bowl that fits your pet perfectly, but this is not always the case. Therefore, in our article we will tell you about different types of dog bowls, and what to look for when choosing a bowl in the first place.

How to choose the Best Dog Bowls?

best type of dog bowl material
  • The size of the bowl should be appropriate for the size of the dog. Larger models would not work for puppies, nor would a large dog eat out of a bowl intended for a small dog. Also, pay attention to the shape of the bowl. For example, for pets with long ears, bowls that are slightly deepened and narrowed at the top are suitable so that when they eat, their ears do not sink into the food.
  • Tripod bowls are the perfect choice for large and medium-sized dogs. These bowls solve several problems at once. First, they prevent food scattering and water spillage. And secondly, they support the correct position of the pet while eating.
  • For the best type of dog bowl, the material is important. Although most experts advocate specifically for metal bowls, this would forever remain a controversial issue. Pros and cons of different types of the, we will discuss a little later.
  • What type of dog bowl is best for outside? It all depends on the climate in which you live. If the weather doesn’t get frosty, then you can put the bowl that suits you best. However, if you often have snow in winter and freezing temperatures, it is better to use plastic or ceramic porcelain bowls.

Best Types of Dog Bowls

best type of dog food bowls

Now you know what to look for when choosing a bowl for your dog, we’ll tell you about the different types you can choose from.

Plastic Dog Bowls

what type of dog bowl is best for outside

You can find hundreds of great options for your pet – the shape, size, and even color you want. They are quite budget, easy to clean, and will not deteriorate if you drop them. However, you should check with your veterinarian before purchasing a plastic bowl, as some dogs should not eat or drink with one. They scratch easily and can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Also, some pets may be allergic to this material. So if you bought a plastic bowl, and your dog has skin reactions on the face, then you should look for another bowl made from another material.

Porcelain Dog Bowls

plastic dog bowls

You can choose a bowl for your dog in the same style as your kitchen utensils. Also, such bowls are often decorated with an interesting pattern. Or you can find a master and order an author’s pattern, which would only be on your pet’s bowl. Thanks to the material, they can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. However, they require careful handling, because if they fall, they may crack or break completely. And if you are not around, the dog may be injured by shrapnel. So if you’ve opted for a porcelain bowl, check it regularly for damage.

Metal Dog Food Bowls

porcelain dog bowls

This is the most popular bowl selection these days. The material is quite durable and dishwasher safe. Also, these models often have special edges to prevent overflow. They usually do not have designs or a variety of colors. Other advantages include price and long usings. However, it is important to store them properly. And if your dog loves to chew on its bowl and you still have not been able to correct such behavior, then there is a risk that the pet would damage its teeth. And if a spoiled bowl can be replaced, then dental problems are not always easy to solve.

Wood Dog Bowls

metal dog food bowls

It’s not just about the bowls, but about the special holders for them. The fact is that not all dog breeds can be eaten at floor level, for example, large breeds. This can cause spinal curvature, neck problems, or other health issues. The main thing is the height of the wooden structure at which it would be convenient for your pet to eat or drink. However, if your dog is still growing, then we advise you not to buy this option yet. Get a self-adjusting stand that you can lift lower/higher. But the materials of bowls can be completely different – plastic, metal, etc.

Square Dog Bowls

wood dog bowls

The square shape has become popular quite recently, but this does not mean that it was impossible to buy such a bowl before. Of course, such a choice depends more on you than on a pet, because it is important to taste the food and quantity, not the shape. However, there are obedient dogs, with a sense of style of which should also be considered. Although, honestly, the matter is in their comfort. Most often, metal or plastic bowls can be square. You can also find automatic feeders. But the square wooden or any other stand may be difficult to find. So you can always order it, saying the size of the square bowls.

Wall Dog Bowls

square dog bowls

Do you remember that we mentioned different types of holders for dog bowls? You may not need them, even if you have a large breed. Buy bowls that can be fixed to the wall. Theoretically, you can use any type, but from a practical point of view, the metal bowl would be one of the best options here. The fact is that they do not break down when falling and your pet is not injured. You can create a special corner in the dining room or the kitchen for your dog. And when you and your family have dinner, the pet will also have its own place to eat.

Glass Dog Food Bowls

wall dog bowls

The obvious advantage of a glass bowl is that it wouldn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria, you can easily wash it by yourself or in the dishwasher, and store food there safely. However, as with porcelain, such material can crack or break. So remember to check your pet’s bowl regularly for any damage. Otherwise, your pet may get hurt, and if you are not at home at that moment, then the situation can lead to serious consequences. Glass bowls are usually not wall-mounted or placed in special holders due to their fragility. Therefore, this type of bowl is perfect for small breeds of dogs.

Silicone Pet Bowls

silicone pet bowl

If you like long walks or traveling with your pet, then you need to think about a more practical bowl, for example, made of silicone. This is very convenient because you can fold or unfold it at any time and feed your pet. You don’t even need to put it in your bag because many models have clips to secure it. As you already understood, food is not stored in them, so you should not buy these for your home. Your dog can eat and drink water from the silicone bowl. And it is easy to clean even outside.

Clay Dog Bowls

clay dog bowl

If your hobby is clay sculpting, then you can make bowls for your pet yourself. However, let us remind you of the fragility of such a material that can break. There is nothing more important than the safety of our four-legged friends, so sometimes it is worth focusing on this, and not on external aesthetics. Long bowls can be decorated with various patterns and are easy to clean. You will find hundreds of interesting ideas on how to decorate such a clay bowl.

Weighted Dog Water Bowls

weighted dog water bowls

One of the main reasons for using weighted water bowls is your pet’s behavior. A dog can often knock over a bowl of water and as a result, it has nothing to drink, and there is a huge puddle on the floor. To avoid this, the owners began to put a small stone on the bottom, which would not spoil the quality of the water and would prevent the bowl from overturning. However, now there is no need for this and you can already buy a bowl with this function. Most often they are metal. Remember that keeping a dog hydrated is extremely important. Only you can choose the best type of dog food bowls, but always ask your vet for a little advice in this matter!

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