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Top Hunting Dogs

hunting dogs breeds

Hunting dog breeds won’t guard you and your home at all costs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal to you. They are just more interested in smells than socializing with humans and their kind. They are independent and require a special approach to education and training. However, when you need to catch prey, good hunting dogs are the best helpers.

Hunting Dog Breed List

  • Sighthounds – they exhaust and corral prey and bring it to the hunter. People use them to hunt hares, roe deer, wolves, foxes, rabbits, and deer. They are greyhounds, wolfhounds, Russian greyhounds, Italian greyhounds, and Ibizan Hounds.
  • Scenthounds. Suitable for hunting roe deer, moose, wild boars, deer, even wolves, foxes, and bears. These are beagles, bassets, Spanish and Russian hounds.
  • Pointing dogs. A group of good hunting dog breeds bred for hunting birds – duck, partridge, quail, pheasant. These are Weimaraners, Kurzhaars, Pointers, Irish and English setters.
  • Gun dogs are the companions of the man who hunts with a gun. Their task – birds and small animals; these are Labradors, golden retrievers, springer spaniels, English cocker spaniels.
  • Feists – Bred to hunt small animals hiding in burrows. Most often they hunt badgers and foxes. They are dachshunds, fox terriers, Jack Russell terriers, Welsh terriers, and Border terriers.
  • Laikas are popular hunting dogs bred for hunting in northern conditions. They are used to hunt hares, martens, as well as foxes, and wolves. These are Yakutian, East Siberian, Norwegian elkhound, and Finnish Spitz.

It is rather difficult to choose the ten best of such a variety of hunting breeds. We were guided by the popularity of the breeds and reviews about their character and performance of the owners.

Different Types of Hunting Dogs

Golden Retriever

golden retriever

An excellent gun dog with an excellent sense of smell that can find the shot game in the most difficult conditions and swims well.

  • A hardy, energetic, intelligent, obedient dog that does not show aggression.
  • He feels comfortable in urban environments.
  • Not only hunters but also rescuers, customs officers, and guide dogs.
  • Unpretentious in food pet.
  • The hair of the Golden Retriever requires periodic combing.



Good pointing dog – slender, lean, fast on the trail, swims well, good for hunting in the field.

  • Not afraid of gunshots – developed a so-called genetic adaptation.
  • In addition to hunting, instinct is developed, and protective instinct.
  • There is one drawback: these dogs require a serious approach to dog education.

Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

The labrador is a hard worker.

  • Runs and swims fast, has an excellent sense of smell.
  • Excellent results in training.
  • An agile, kind, sociable, intelligent, whole-heartedly loyal dog.
  • If you do not feed him correctly, he can put on extra pounds very quickly.



It is a natural-born tracker, as it has the sharpest sense of smell among dogs.

  • Calm creature, despite the name of the breed.
  • Loyal and hardworking hunter.
  • A very stubborn animal who will not do what he does not like.
  • Due to the complex nature of the temperament can be difficult to train.

Irish Setter

the best dog irish setter

An excellent pointing dog – smart, brave, obedient. The animal likes to learn new things.

  • An active dog that needs daily exercise.
  • A luxurious silky coat requires special care.

English Cocker Spaniel

english cocker spaniel

It is one of the best hunting dog breeds – these lean animals have amazingly keen eyesight and sense of smell.

  • Energetic, sociable, friendly pets that are sensitive to human moods.
  • It takes a proper diet to keep the Cocker Spaniel from getting fat.
  • The coat needs special care.



Owners admire the “hunting passion,” the sonorous bark, and the excellent sense of the Russian hound and its perseverance and tirelessness among different breeds of hunting dogs.

  • Because the “wolf” body is used not only as a hunter but also as a guard.
  • As a pet dog is calm and non-aggressive.
  • Feels best in an aviary, not in an apartment.
  • Walks – only on a leash, otherwise it can run away, distracted by the “prey”.

Basset Hound

basset hound

Very adventurous cool hunting dogs; quick, and smart hunter with an excellent sense of smell.

  • The dog is characterized by a genuine interest in everything new, which is an advantage in training.
  • The difficulty of training the basset hound is that the dog will be constantly distracted by smells.
  • An energetic animal that will suit a country house better than a city apartment.

Fox Terrier

fox terrier

One of the ideal hunters – strong, fearless, agile, silent,

  • Ferocious in his approach to prey.
  • Great success in training, easy to learn.



Common hunting dogs bred for hunting in burrows.

  • Aggressive to the beast, distrustful of others hunter.
  • An intelligent but independent dog who will surprise you with his sense of dignity.
  • A cheerful dog who, according to his owners, even has a sense of humor.

Dogs used for hunting require extra care and (more importantly) hunting. If you are not prepared to provide her with a fulfilling lifestyle then you may want to consider a lazier dog.

Moreover, most of them are difficult students who need a patient and skillful tutor by their side. It’s a tough job, but when you do it, one of the most amazing creatures on the planet will become your companion.

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