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Top 5 Fastest Dog Breeds

The average dog run speed is approximately 10-15 km/h, which is not far from humans. However, there are dog breeds for running and they can reach speeds above 60 km/h. Of course, we are not talking about pets. Service and guard dogs are also not among the fastest breeds. German Shepherds, for example, can rarely run more than 30 km/h, Dobermanns usually do not exceed the 35 km/h limit, although their speed is already considered to be quite high. So who is the fastest in the dog world?

First of all, great speed is essential for hunting dogs that catch up with a game. Hunting for a hare that can run away from the following death at a speed of 40-60 km/h or a wild boar (over 35-40 km/h) is impossible without a swift-running dog. That is why hunting breeds are rightly considered the fastest dogs:

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  • The Greyhound is the fastest breed in the world and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1994 with a value of 67.32 km/hour. Although some owners of this breed claim that greyhounds can reach over 70 km/h. Greyhounds show excellent results not only during hunting but also in competitions. These animals often win dog races, but despite their ability to develop rapid speed, they sometimes fail in endurance – greyhounds are short distances runners, they are not able to chase game for long.
  • The Saluki – Persian hounds are slightly inferior to Greyhounds in speed, although they can run faster than 60-65 km/h. Their advantage, however, is greater endurance. Salukis can chase a game for hours, while the English Greyhounds are not capable of a long race. The graceful build sometimes gives the impression of fragility, but Salukis are very physically strong dogs with excellent health.
  • The Sloughi – Arabian hounds can chase their prey at the speed of greyhounds. Their speed often exceeds 60-65 km/h. They have good endurance and incredible flexibility allows them to change their running direction immediately. The Sloughi is often compared with cheetahs.
  • The Azawakh – African hounds are also ready for speeds of 60 km/h. Dry muscular build and long limbs allow them to catch up with a game at great speed. Their thin skin allows them to feel comfortable in heat up to 40 degrees Celsius. It also means that African dogs can’t stand the cold.
  • The Whippet – (or Snap Dog) can run faster than 50 km/h. They are smaller than Greyhounds and Salukis, but no less muscular and graceful, with well-developed joints. The small size of the Whippets and their easygoing nature often attract ordinary dog lovers, making them good companions. But their true purpose is to participate in hunting and dog racing.

The fastest dogs in the world in running are officially English Greyhounds, but literally, at least a dozen other breeds breathe into their back. If we talk about the maximum speed that can be reached by a dog, it is about 70 km/h.

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