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Today Is a Special Holiday | Happy International Puppy Day to All Pet Owners!

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There are many unusual and strange holidays in the world. But this holiday, which appeared in the USA in 2006, is one of the most positive. Do you love puppies? Of course, you do, but do you know that in the USA they have their special date- a Puppy Day?

This celebration started as U.S. National day, however, it has expanded to the rest of the world quickly. No doubts it is the most enchanting celebration ever (sorry cat lovers). Read the article to prepare yourself for dozes of love and positive vibes!

The Most Cutest Celebration Exists!

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When is International Puppy Day – the first question that arises, so jot it down, dear reader, because it takes place annually on March 23. It is held from 2006, year by year up till now these little cute creatures rejoice us with their paws and tails, make us feel loved and needed. We love every move, every smile and every roar of our pets, we observe them growing up with us being a part of the family.

The second question that may appear is who and why founded this puppy day. Colleen Page- the initiator of such a wonderful celebration – is a lifestyle blogger and animal rights activist. She taught of the world puppy day as of a social responsibility day, where the main message to the world: do not buy puppies, take them from a shelter.

Colleen Paige started in 2004 to fight for animal rights and brought the idea of pet adoption to a national level. That year she founded National Dog Day, which the New York state adopted as its legislature in 2013. “Sheltie” was the first dog Colleen adopted at the age of ten on August 26 and since then, she is inspiring millions of people all around the world with compassion and promoting attention to animals in need.

March 23 national puppy day is to remind people of the selfless love that puppies give to their owners. But its main task is to help homeless puppies find their home and tell people about the horrors of so-called “puppy farms” for commercial dog breeding, where puppies are kept in terrible conditions, because the main goal of the farm owners is to earn more money, and they don’t care about other things. Due to the lack of space on these farms, puppies are often kept in tiny cages, where the proper level of cleanliness is not maintained.

Many puppies die from infections, the spread of which is very difficult to contain in such conditions, and the survivors can experience serious social problems lately. Besides, shelters for homeless animals are overflowing with puppies: many people do not neuter dogs and allow them to reproduce uncontrollably, and when they cannot distribute puppies, they simply throw them out on the street.

Following the ASPCA statistics, every year almost 3.3 million dogs enter shelters. The organizers of the holiday even set a specific goal for themselves: they strive to ensure that 10 thousand puppies will find their homes and the national puppy day 2021 is not an exception. So one of the best ways to celebrate Puppy Day is to find your pet in the shelter. Imagine that you have decided to take one puppy from the shelter, is it national puppy day? We would tell yes, for the puppy you adopted it will be the main day of its life!

If you have already had one adorable puppy, to support the idea, you may post a photo with the hashtag #NationalPuppyDay on any social media. Another way for you to celebrate this day is to spend the whole day with your four-legged friend, buy a special treat and go for a walk. Therefore, dear readers, give love and care to those of us who are in need. By the way, the founder of this day has come up with about a dozen pet and environmental holidays: National Cat Day, National Pet Day, National Mutt Day, National Horse Day, and more. You may become a part of each! Happy international puppy day to all of you.

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