Dec. 18.2020 | Updated: September 17, 2021

@tikatheiggy – Most Fashionable Dog on Instagram

most fashionable dog on Instagram

How 9-year-old Tika won the hearts of Hollywood stars? After viewing these fashion photos, your life won’t be the same, because you’ll just fall in love with their main character.

A 9-year-old Italian greyhound from Montreal named Tika has become a real Instagram star because her style and bold images are an example for every fashionista. Moreover, Tiki has more social media followers than all of us put together because now she has more than 300 thousand followers.

And if you think there are a lot of similar dog stars on the web, just look at Tiki’s closet, which is filled with things with sequins, bright prints, and voluminous sweaters. The dog’s closet consists entirely of custom-made items, and its owner, Thomas Shapiro, does it.

But it’s worth noting that the dresses Shapiro orders for her are made so that Tika is not only comfortable in them but warm and safe. If the outfit has sequins, a soft fabric lining is sure to be sewn underneath so the dog’s skin won’t scratch, and the rest of the outfit is thoughtfully designed with the same priorities.

There are many different photos and videos of her showing off her outfits on the fashion dog page. But a recent video in which Tika offers her subscribers a look at her fashionable bows that she doesn’t have the opportunity to wear has gone viral.

The video has already been shared by stars and publishing houses such as Sofia Vergara, Ashley Roberts, ELLE Magazine, Oprah, and Glamour magazine.

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