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The Most Relevant Information about History and Temperament of the Miki Dog

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Do you love dogs? Since you are on the pages of our blog, the answer is obvious. If you want an unusual dog, which is not so easy to meet on a walk in the park, then we are happy to help you with your choice. Have you heard of the Miki dog breed? Or perhaps you are already the owner of such a dog. Find out all the fun about this breed. Trust us that the information will be useful for the general outlook, for the owners of this breed, and for those who wish to buy a Miki dog. Enjoy reading!

Miki Breed: History

Miki is a rare breed of dog. It was first bred about 30 years ago in the United States of America. However, at the moment it is Canada that is breeding this breed and is very popular there. Micki Mackin can be considered the parent of this unusual breed. She crossed the following breeds in 1980: Maltez, Japanese Chin, Papillon, Tibetan Spaniel, and Yorkshire Terrier. It is difficult to understand the ratio of each breed in the process of crossing, but this dog is considered to be a Japanese Miki dog. This is how a new breed called Miki came about. In 1995, the breed was recognized by the State Kennel Club.

What Is a Miki Dog and How Does It Look?

Miki dogs photos

This breed attracts with its diminutiveness and slightly unusual appearance. Large eyes are set wide on the muzzle, and the nose is medium in size and not pinched. The ears of this breed are very mobile, but we recommend that they be lowered. If you Google Miki dog breed pictures, you will notice that these dogs are quite stocky, but the body is still longer than the shoulders. There are dogs with two types of coats: smooth or long. What type of coat your dog has is easy to understand due to the presence of a beard or mustache on its face. If there is, then the coat is long, and if not, then smooth. A dog with a coat of one color is extremely rare, therefore, most often at least two colors are present.

Miki Breed Info about Behavior and Training Process

This breed will surprise you with its intelligence, as well as affection and friendliness. They do not show aggression towards others but on the contrary, they easily make contact and get along well with children. Among the habits of the dog, you can see several felines, for example, lying in the sun or licking themselves. Miki’s balanced temperament can help to be a great friend for a disabled person. Besides, the Miki breed rarely barks for no reason. If you already have pets, then do not worry, as this breed will easily make friends with them.

We have already mentioned the intelligence of this breed, haven’t we? Therefore, training your dog will be easy and fun if you start as early as possible. By their nature, dogs want to please the owner, so they will listen to you. Even a small dog breed Miki needs to be trained, as an untrained dog can become unmanageable and troublesome. However, you should immediately show steadfastness and show that you are the main one in your relationship. Through training, the dog will be able to easily adapt to the new habitat.

What Problems with Miki Breed Health Can Appear?

This breed of dog has excellent physical characteristics and is not prone to serious diseases. However, do not forget about possible congenital health problems. These may include:

  • cone retinal dysplasia;
  • progressive retinal atrophy;
  • von Willebrand’s disease;
  • hemophilia.

To rule out these and other diseases, you must not neglect regular visits to your veterinarian. Remember that self-medication can harm your dog and lead to more serious consequences. The use of home remedies is possible, and sometimes a useful adjunct to mainstream treatment, but should be supervised by a veterinarian.

Interesting and Useful Facts

Miki breed

We would like to summarize the information already described above and add an equally useful one about what the Miki breed standard should be.

  • Calm and companionable breed with its unique genetic markers.
  • The average weight of a dog is 1.5-4.5 kg, so they are great for an apartment.
  • A very active breed. You can go out with her in the early morning or evening for a run.
  • Easy to train. You can even litter train your dog. However, remember that it is best to take your dog for a walk.
  • The lifespan is 13-15 years. This is a great time for a small breed.
  • If you google, you can hardly find the Miki dogs photos with the same color of the coat.
  • Friendly to everyone around them, to family members and other pets, even if they are cats.
  • Friendly to everyone around them, to family members and other pets, even if they are cats.
  • We recommend shaving your head, neck, and ears.
  • These dogs are clean by nature, so they should only be bathed when necessary.

As you can understand, if you want to become the owner of this breed, then you will not have any special problems with care or health. You will find an affectionate and devoted friend. Thank you for reading the article to the end. On our pages, there is still a lot of information about other breeds of dogs. And also tips that will be useful for everyone who has a pet. Thank you for staying with us and see you soon!


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