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The Most Interesting Games With the Dog

games with the dog

Every dog loves his master with all its heart! Walks and fun games with the owner are perhaps the greatest joy of a dog’s life. Dogs love to play so much they’ll run around and wag their tails like, “Master, let’s play, I’m ready!”

And if you’re not in the mood and you don’t give your pet the attention they deserve, they can be quite genuinely angry with you and start chewing on things or throwing food away as a little revenge.

We recommend that you make your pet happy and play with him more often, as this will not only bring him tremendous joy, but also help you relax from a long day of work, stretch, relieve stress, and enjoy the carefree joy of your pet! And today we will talk about the most popular and fun games with a dog.


And let’s start with the most useful thing: training. Training is not only a way to teach your dog useful commands and discipline, but also an active interaction between master and pet that builds trust and absolute understanding. First, train your dog in standard commands and then gradually move on to passing through difficult obstacles.

Teach him to jump to a certain height, run on a thin surface, crawl, and so on. All these exercises will be beneficial for your dog’s fitness. It’s best to choose parks and other areas with grass for training.

Support your dog as he passes through obstacles and make sure he doesn’t fall or get hurt! As you work with your dog, you’ll learn to understand him better, be happy with his progress, and receive your attention and approval.

Chasing Game

This game is useful for your pet as well as for you, as running always helps to maintain good physical shape.

Take a dog toy or stick in your hand, tease your pet, and run away! Change your speed and running trajectory. Believe me, after such an active game you’ll feel better yourself and your dog won’t have the energy to make a mess of the house!

By the way, this game can be varied, hiding from your pet. Let your dog look for you, it’s not only fun but also develops intelligence. Remember to praise your dog and treat him when he finds your hiding place!

Ball Game and Frisbee

This is very simple but very interesting and beloved by all dog games. Throw a tennis ball or a Frisbee away, let your dog catch up with the toy, and bring it back to you. Repeat until you’re tired. It’s best to use tennis balls and special Frisbee for this game as other items may cause your dog to get hurt.

Take Your Dog for a Ride With You!

If you like to ski, rollerblade or bike – don’t do it alone. Take your dog with you as he is the best company to keep up with your pace!

If you skate on rollers, cling the end of the leash to your belt. If you are riding a bicycle, attach the end of the leash to the handlebars. During the ride, your dog should run ahead of you. Keep a close watch on him if you see him slowing down and stopping too much, give him a break.


Agility is probably the highest stage of training where both the owner and the dog are on the same team. The dog passes through obstacles and the owner is the guide for his pet. As you can see, teamwork is only possible if the dog and owner understand each other half-word and sometimes even half gesture. A game like this will keep you both in good physical shape and bring you closer together. Just do not forget to reward your pet for his success with a delicacy and a kind word – and who knows, maybe it is your lucky team that will be rewarded in a real sport?!

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