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The Dog Keeps Peeing in the House: What Is the Reason and How Can You Stop It?

the dog keeps peeing in the house

When you decide to get a dog, you must be prepared that your new pet may cause you inconvenience, for example, peeing in the house. It is impossible to guess how long it will take for a dog to adapt to a new habitat but do not give up. The real problem can be if the dog keeps peeing in the house, not because of a lack of habit but if there is a more serious reason. Therefore, today we want to discuss such reasons with you. And also what will stop a dog from peeing in the house? We wish you a pleasant reading of our article and find answers to all your questions.

Why Is My Dog Peeing in the House?

dog peeing indoors

Quite often, pet owners believe that if the dog has already peed on the street, it will automatically become a habit. However, this is not at all the case. While the reasons for puppy peeing in the house are most often easy to explain, then with older dogs it is much more difficult.

The Puppy Peeing Indoors: Reasons

The training process should be continuous. Also, you need to learn how to prevent unpleasant incidents. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons.

  • If you have not taken into account the age of your puppy and have not taken it outside to pee, then you should not be surprised. Do not forget that the puppy can hold the bladder for no more than 5 hours.
  • You are oblivious to obvious signs that your puppy wants to use the toilet, such as sniffing, circling, or hunching the back. Also, practice walking after eating and drinking.
  • You do not limit the movements of your puppy around the house during training. That is why you cannot control the situation.
  • Your puppy has health problems. If you are sure that you are doing everything correctly, then contact your veterinarian and examine the puppy to rule out or confirm such a cause.

The Dog Peeing Indoors: Reasons

You have gone through the training process and your dog asks to go outside to relieve himself. However, you start to notice that the dog is peeing in the house again. Below we describe the possible reasons for this behavior.

  • UTI problems. Unfortunately, urinary infections are not uncommon among dogs. To make sure you probably need to get tested for bacteria. Do not panic, such diseases are treated according to the recommendations of the veterinarian.
  • Incontinence. It is the common reason why senior dogs urinating in the house but what if adult dogs do it. Your veterinarian will help you determine the cause, be sure to seek help. Incontinence can be a symptom of conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease.
  • Aging. Unfortunately, age-related problems, such as when the dog still pees in the house, cannot be avoided. All you can do is learn how to care for an elderly dog.
  • Stressful living environment. If you have ruled out the causes described above with the help of your veterinarian, then most likely your dog is frightened or uncomfortable. Until you eliminate the negative factors, the dog won’t stop peeing in the house.

How to Stop a Dog From Peeing in the House?

why is my dog peeing in the house

To give up and do nothing is not about you, is it? We want to advise you on tips that can help you to stop dogs from peeing on the floor.

  1. Repeat all the training steps that made your dog pee outside earlier.
  2. Take your dog out for walks more often, preferably right after eating, drinking, and when the dog wakes up.
  3. Reward your dog with a favorite treat after it has relieved itself in the right place.
  4. Identify and remove the trigger that keeps your dog peeing in the house.
  5. Punishment will only aggravate the urination problem, so you should not resort to this method.
  6. Dogs often pee in the same place. Therefore, clean up well after the dog so that it does not smell its scent there again. You can buy special tools or use the tools that everyone has at home. For example, dishwashing liquid, a couple of drops of iodine diluted with water, etc.
  7. Use a water spray if you notice your dog is about to pee. The water will not scare the dog but will help it to be patient while the dog goes outside.
  8. See your veterinarian for professional help. Perhaps your dog’s problem can only be solved with medication.

These simple tips will help you solve the problem. Also, do not forget that the methods that you used in the initial training of your dog can help you again. Your dog’s problems are your problems. After all, it was you who took responsibility for the life of the pet when you first brought it home. Problems urinating in the wrong place cannot be avoided. The only question is whether it will be, during the training of the puppy or will be more serious when the dog is already an adult. When you know the reasons for such behavior of your dog, it will be easier to stop dogs from peeing in the house. Have you faced such a problem? Perhaps you know some other useful advice? Share in the comments, your opinion is very important to us. We hope you enjoy reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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