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What Is a Thai Ridgeback: Its Origin, Temperament, and Health and Care Issues

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How many dog ​​breeds do you know whose homeland is Thailand? The first breed that comes to our mind is the Thai Ridgeback dog. And what do you know about it? In the United States, it first appeared only 28 years ago, but it has a rather ancient history. This dog is a little headstrong, but no less adorable. But breeders do not advise beginners who have no experience with animals to take it as the first dog breed. Find out all the fun about the breed below!

Thai Ridgeback Breed Info

  • Origin: Thailand;
  • Height: 20-24 inches;
  • Weight: 35-75 pounds;
  • Coat: short length with black, fawn, blue-gray, red;
  • Temperament: independent and intelligent;
  • Breed’s Group: Hound;
  • Lifespan: 10-13 years.

What Is a Thai Ridgeback: Its History?

For the first time, the Thai dog was recorded about 350 years ago, but lovers of the breed believe that it has existed for much longer. People in Thailand semi-domesticated this species in the 1600s and used it for many purposes:

  • stalking pests;
  • helping to pull carts;
  • and acting as guardians for shops and homes.

Before the domestication, they were mostly found on East Phu Quoc Island, near the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. This breed is still very rare outside Thailand and many clubs outside Thailand have not officially recognized this original breed. It became popular in the USA only in 1994. The American Kennel Club added this breed to its core animal service group in 1997.

Thailand Ridgeback Dog: Characteristics

thai dog breeds

This breed has a thin muscle building. Like hound dogs, they are natural athletes. And they have wedge-shaped heads, a long, straight nose, powerful jaws, an upright ear, and a thick, curved tail to the tip. It has frontal wrinkles, especially when the dog is cordoned off.

Thai Ridgeback: Size

Male dogs are 22-24 inches from the shoulder and weigh 50-75 pounds, while female dogs are shorter at 20 to 22 inches and weigh 35-55 pounds.

Thai Ridgeback: Colors

Its coat is smooth and short. And this dog breed has a variety of colors, namely black, blue, and red. It comes from a warm tropical climate, which means that its fur cannot withstand extreme cold. In the colder months, be sure to tie a dog when taking them out for a walk. So never expose it to any extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Thai Ridgeback: Temperament

Perhaps the first thing you need to know when living with this breed is that it has its own opinion for almost everything. If you give your pet a chance, it will quickly take control of your life. So Thai dog breeds will test your boundaries. It is an excellent hunter and the little fluffy animals are ideal prey. It is advisable to keep it active and exercise or certain daily exercise (such as jogging) may be fine for it. Most importantly, this breed is a very intelligent and skillful artist, not to mention an ingenious anti-surfer. When it grows up with children and under supervision, it can get along well with them. Its alert but quiet nature makes a dog an excellent guard and it does not tend to become an annoying bark because it only barks when it feels threatened. This breed is inclined to choose one person for itself as a loved one but will protect the whole family. After they get past the puppies’ devastating stage, you may want to consider letting them work at home. But don’t forget about the oncoming surf. Start training your puppy the day you take it home. Even at the age of 8 weeks, it is able to assimilate everything that you can teach your pet. However, note that many puppy training courses require special vaccinations. Instead of formal training, you can start at home and interact. Also, invite people over to help them get used to the visitors. These experiences as a puppy will help it grow up to be a judicious and calm adult dog.

Types of Ridgeback Dogs

  • Phu Quoc Ridgeback dog is from Vietnam, and it is a small size;
  • The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large breed from the Kingdom of the Matabele.
  • And about Thai Ridgeback we are talking about.

Thai Rhodesian Ridgeback: Health Issues

thai dog

All dogs can have genetic health problems, so you should avoid breeders who do not provide health guarantees for puppies telling you that the breed is 100% healthy. It is a relatively healthy breed but can develop hip dysplasia and be prone to skin problems. As for another disease, single or multiple formations may appear. This is the result of abnormal development of the neural tube. These infections can lead to serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Remember, after you bring your new puppy home, you can protect him from obesity. This will help extend Thai Ridgeback’s lifespan, which is about 10-14 years.

Thai Ridgeback: How to Take Care?

If you want to prolong your dog’s lifespan, you need to provide proper care. So let’s find out more about it.

How to Feed My Pet?

These active dogs require high-quality dog ​​food suitable for their life stage. Don’t forget that measuring can prevent overfeeding, and limiting snacking may help your pet to maintain its athletic physique.

How to Groom My Pet?

The coat of the Thai Ridgeback is short and requires minimal maintenance. Brushing and bathing from time to time can remove loose hair and make these dogs look good. What about Thai Ridgeback hypoallergenic? With no undercoat and minimal shedding, this breed produces less dandruff and is suitable for people with allergies. As for the nails, they are strong and fast-growing and should be trimmed regularly to prevent cracking, splitting, or overgrowth, and pain. Home dental care and professional cleaning are essential to your pet’s overall health.

Physical Activities and Training

These active athletic dogs require a lot of exercise. So you need to plan a few quick walks per day. And don’t forget about dog sports or games. This breed can also enjoy swimming, hiking, and doggy sports such as agility, traction, seduction, and obedience. However, due to the strong cravings for prey, they can only stay away from the rope in the safety zone. Remember, they are not ideal for dog parks or other group play. The independent and self-sufficient nature of this breed makes it difficult to train. Even experienced dog owners have to work hard to make them obey. Generally, the best approach is a combination of active reinforcement, reward-based learning, and hard corrections. Early socialization is also important as it may help any kind of Thai Ridgeback mix to feel more comfortable in front of strangers.

Such a pet can surprise you, and you will not be bored with it. If you prefer a more passive rest, then it is better then take a closer look at another breed of dog, because this one loves active rest! What do you like the most about this unusual breed? Share in the comments!


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