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Teething Relief for Puppies: Helpful Tips or Dog Owners to Treat Their Pets f Are Here

dog teething tips

More recently, we discussed the process of teething in dogs, as well as the replacement of milk teeth with permanent teeth. Now you know at what age the first tooth erupts, and when the last. And that it’s an unpleasant process for both of you. Your dog is in physical pain, while you are in moral pain, worrying about your beloved pet. Today we want to tell you what to do for teething puppies. No advice can make this period useless, but there is an opportunity to alleviate this painful condition, as well as save your shoes and furniture from your puppy. Enjoy reading our new article and remember the dog teething tips.

Why Teething Relief for Puppies Is Important?

In addition to preventing your puppy from experiencing severe pain, there are several other benefits to using teething puppies remedies. The puppy has inflamed gums and itching begins, from which it saves if something is chewed. This is why your pet may start chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, furniture, clothes, and even pillows. If you use one of the tips, then you can replace your things with something else specifically designed for this purpose. It’s also a great time to train your dog. After all, if from a young age you do not teach a puppy that you cannot gnaw everything, difficulties may arise with this in the future.

What to Give a Teething Puppy?

puppy teething tips

There are many ways of puppy teething pain relief. However, it should be understood that the method that helped the neighbor’s dog may not work for you. Therefore, take note of several methods and use them alternately. And your dog will not be bored with playing and chewing on one thing.

Buying Chew Toys for Your Dog

As teething has its stages, so the toys for chewing should be chosen according to them. In the process of forming milk teeth, softer toys are needed. When changing teeth for permanent toys, you need to change them to train the bite force. If among the old toys, there is your pet’s favorite toy, then do not throw it away, just add obligatory games with new toys. If you are at a loss with the choice of a chew toy, then a specialist in the pet store can always help you find the perfect toy for the dog of your breed and age. If your dog has a medical problem with teething, it is better to ask your veterinarian how to help a teething puppy. Chew toys come in a variety of colors and shapes. Always choose a toy that is made from natural fibers or other harmless material. After all, your dog will be in close contact with it. By the way, chew bones are one of the best things for teething puppies.

Buying Special Cold Chew Toys for Your Dog

Recently, cold chew toys have become popular on the market due to their soothing effect on the puppy’s gums. It looks like a toy in the shape of a bone, but with a special gel inside. The use of such a toy is very simple:

  • buy a toy for the breed and age of your dog;
  • put the toy into the freezer and wait until it freezes;
  • take out the toy and remove the pieces of ice, if any exist;
  • finally, you can safely give a toy to your dog.

Before giving your pet a cold chew toy, it is worth consulting your veterinarian.

The Best Things for Teething Puppy from Your Fridge

It is not at all necessary to buy toys, you can always be smart and replace them with some food or things that you probably have at home. Only you and your veterinarian know what is best for teething puppies.

  1. Take regular fruit mini bagels and freeze them. They will help to numb the gums and also to fall out of milk teeth, which are already loosened.
  2. You can freeze one small carrot and let your dog chew on it. However, remember that carrots are high in fiber, so do not give your dog to eat more than once per day.
  3. If your dog has severe gum swelling, you can use frozen fruits such as bananas as a compress.
  4. Take a regular towel that you do not mind giving away for your dog. Wet it, twist it into a rope, and freeze. The toy for your dog is ready. A frozen towel will not only help relieve the discomfort of your dog but will also help with training for proper bite strength.

Good Nutrition Is One of the Puppy Teething Tips

what to give a teething puppy

Properly selected nutrition directly affects the condition of the dog’s teeth. Your veterinarian will glad to help to choose proper food. about the best teething food to buy. Be sure to help your dog brush his teeth to remove food from them. Bones can also help with the problem of brushing their teeth. Adequate nutrition is also rich in vitamins, which are especially necessary during the adolescent period of the dog, not only during teething.

We hope that our article was interesting and useful for you. It doesn’t matter if you use a purchased toy or something that you have at home, the main thing is that you take care of your pet and reduce its pain. Thank you for reading our article to the end. There are many more articles on our blog that are interesting to read, do not deny yourself this pleasure. See you soon!

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