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High Five Tricks: Look at Three Methods to Teach Your Dog This Basic Command

How to Teach a Dog High Five

Dogs’ owners realize that training is an important process. It helps to teach your pet discipline. However, training may be a fun process too. Have you ever thought of teaching your four-legged friend some cute tricks? We have something to interest you, what about the high five dog trick? It is simple to train and would make you smile every time when a dog performs it. We want to help you, that’s why prepare some useful tips.

How to Teach a Dog to High Five?

High Five Tricks

All that you need during high five dog training is a good mood? quiet place, and treats for a pet. If you follow the simple steps below, your dog would learn a trick faster. However, you should remember that if your pet is not in the mood for training, then not force this process. Pause and continue at a better time.

1st Method

  • Choose a place where no one will distract you.
  • Put the prepared treats into a fist and bring them to the dog’s nose. Remember that the pet should smell it at a distance (10-12 cm).
  • Your goal is to ensure that the dog touches the fist not with its muzzle, but with its paw. When it is achieved, give the dog a treat.
  • Open your hand without treats and wait for the pet to high-five. Then give a treat.
  • Be sure to support the command with your voice and practice high five tricks more.

2nd Method

If your dog knows how to give a paw, try the following steps:

  • Let us remind you that you need a quiet place and lots of treats.
  • Give the dog the “give the paw” command. When it does it, turn your hand around and say “high five”.
  • Give your pet a treat each time, when it does a command.
  • As soon as the dog gets used to the new command, start gradually raising your hand until you are standing up. So it would need to jump in order to “high five.” Give your pet a treat each time the command succeeds.
  • When you teach a dog to high-five with one paw, try using the other as well.

3rd Method

  • If your dog is already familiar with clicker training, then you can use it.
  • Ask the dog to “give a paw” and extending your arm.
  • Click the clicker and give it a treat.
  • Repeat these steps several times.
  • Gradually raise your hand slightly. Continue to say “give a paw,” stretching your hand out at different heights. Every time the dog does a command, click and give it a treat.
  • Once your four-legged friend knows what to do, start saying “high five” every time it does the right thing.
  • Practice the command over and over until the dog does it without hesitation.
Three Methods To Teach Your Dog

Basic dog high five is easy to learn if you have patience. Never grab the dog by the paw. It must understand what to do. Do not exercise for more than 15 minutes. Take a break and then continue later. Do not forget to write in the comments about the training results. By the way, you can record a fun video on Instagram and tag our page. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you on the pages of our blog very soon!

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