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Sep. 06.2021

Dog Names from Star Wars for Males and Females: Inspired by Star Wars University

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If you have not watched Star Wars, then you have definitely heard about this series with world history. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of “Star Wars dog names female and male” queries on the Internet. After all, why not name your pet by the name of your favorite character, right? It is important that you like the name, and it evokes pleasant associations. It can help to establish contact with the dog faster. This is how psychology works. We will not just give you a list with the Star Wars-inspired dog names, but we will also explain what most of the names mean. So you can choose a name that not only you like, but also perfectly suit your dog’s temperament. Therefore, we ask you to carefully read our article and not sit down with choosing a name. Good luck!

Best Star Wars Dog Names

According to Google, dog names from Star Wars are the most popular among other TV shows. Let’s divide the names into 4 main categories – females, males, puppies, and the coolest. This would make it easier for you to find the most appropriate name for your pet.

Top Girl Dog Names: Star Wars

Top Girl Dog Names: Star Wars
  • Leia. The princess has a hot-tempered and stubborn character. Many considered the girl a tomboy and was more often mistaken for a servant than a princess. However, she was a very smart and strong person. Therefore, if your pet has a playful disposition but is at the same time loyal and intelligent, then think about this name.
  • R2D2. Despite the fact that this is not a living droid, the name would be perfect for a girl and a boy. However, these are most often called female dogs.
  • Rey. This character shows herself to be loyal and fair, able to think and make decisions on her own. If your dog has these character traits, then this name is the best fit.
  • Phasma. Among the main features of the character are professionalism and perfectionism. She also had an excellent memory and knew by heart all the numbers of the attack aircraft assigned to her. Sounds like a characteristic for a loyal and intelligent dog, doesn’t it?
  • Rose. The character has established herself as a well-trained warrior who grabs everything on the fly. It also combines intelligence, attractiveness, and quirkiness. Perhaps this is a great name for dogs that are easy to train.
  • Connix. An intelligent and resilient character with strong leadership qualities. If you want your dog to win at shows, this name might be the best one.

Top Star Wars Dog Names: Male

Top Star Wars Dog Names: Male
  • Darth. The character has an impulsive personality and a natural talent for mastering something new. Why is choosing the name of one of the villains a good option? Along with the fictitious name, bad character traits are not conveyed. Therefore, broaden your horizons and consider not only heroes but also villains.
  • Anakin. This is the real name of Darth Vader, and many owners like to call their restless four-legged friends that way.
  • Luke. At first, this character was impatient, looking into the future, not paying special attention to what surrounded him. He was impulsive, reckless, and cared little for his personal safety. However, having matured, he became more restrained. This cool name reflects the puppy’s growing-up process. No matter how naughty your pet is, with proper training, it would only get better.
  • Solo. It is difficult to understand in honor of whom the name is taken – Ben or Khan. However, in 2020, it was on the top list of the most popular Star Wars-Themed dog names.
  • Sidious. This is a controversial character – an ambitious, power-hungry, and unprincipled intriguer. He wanted absolute power and tried to dominate. Despite his arrogance, he was extremely intelligent, patient, and cunning. Therefore, if your dog has a dominant temperament, then why not think about the name Sidious?

Star Wars Puppy Names

  • Yoda. One of the most powerful and intelligent characters. He is small, cute, and occupies an important position in the Star Wars universe. Therefore, it is a great name, especially for small breeds. This name also meets all the criteria for choosing names for dogs – consists of two syllables and is easy to pronounce.
  • Biggs. Named a dog after Luke’s great warrior friend is a great idea. As you might have guessed, it is more suitable for a large breed of puppy. However, no one would forbid you to call a Chihuahua that, especially if it has a strong personality. You can also change the name a little, for example, Biggsy.
  • Babu. This exotic and quirky name is great for a puppy. The character with this name was smart and crazy (in a good way). Therefore, especially playful puppies would be grateful to you for choosing a name.
  • BB8. In Star Wars, that was the name of a robot that everyone liked. By the way, this is one of the best-selling toys for the last 2-3 years. Isn’t that a name for your cute puppy, isn’t it?
  • Iggy. It is an intelligent and purposeful robot in the Star Wars universe. Of course, this is a slightly abbreviated version of the name IG-88. However, it sounds much cooler and simpler.
  • Maz. A character with that name is a super-smart, respected, and powerful hero. This short and catchy name would definitely suit your puppy. By the way, especially for the girl.

Cool Star Wars Names for Dogs

Cool Star Wars Names for Dogs

Absolutely all the names that we have mentioned are cool and can be included in this list. However, we would like to tell you about the coolest and most popular name – Chewbacca. This character could inspire fear, but at the same time, he was friendly and kind. A calm disposition has repeatedly helped him in the passage of missions. So if your dog is just as cool, name it after that character. Even non-Star Wars fans would recognize this name out of a thousand.
We hope that through these good Star Wars dog names, you would find the most coll for your dog. What other names can be on these lists? Share in the comments. Thank you and see you soon!

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