Jun. 26.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

Six Tips How To Help Homeless Dogs

homeless dog

Do Not Feed

It seems that giving a bowl of food is the easiest way to help a homeless animal, but it is an illusion of help. First, it makes things worse: there are more stray animals on the streets. Secondly, wrong and spoiled food can even cause a dog’s death.


If you really want to do something useful for homeless animals, find a shelter that is not far from you. Most likely, its staff needs some help. You can bring food there, go for a pleasant walk with the shelter dogs, help to take a pet for treatment or sterilization – in general, there are always tasks to do.

Find a New Home for a Dog

Of course, the first thing to do is to check if the owners are looking for a dog. Try to find a collar with an address or a stigma. Social media groups may also help you to find a host. If you can’t find him/her, you can take the dog home, cure it, and make it part of the family – perhaps it is the best you can do. Of course, not everyone can do this but you can publish a dog’s photo on social networks, tell your friends about it or just bring it to the shelter; but remember that the dog could grow up on the street and become aggressive and dangerous.

To Support the Sterilization Programs

CSVR (catching, sterilization, vaccination, release) is the most humane way to make sure there will be less homeless animals on the streets and to stop the spread of rabies and other diseases. Many charities do this by catching dogs on the streets, treating them, sterilizing, and then releasing them.

Inspire Others With Your Example

Forget that good deeds need to be silent. Research has shown that people are much more willing to do charity when they see the example of other people. Feel free to talk on social networks about the dog you took home from the street, your volunteer experience, or the fact that you transferred money to the shelter. That is awesome!

Making an Automatic Payment to a Charitable Organization

There are quite a lot of honest animal protection organizations. You can make an automatic payment for some of them, and this money will go to the charity fund every month. Even small monthly donations will help the organization to plan its work better and to save many more animals.

Everybody has ever faced homeless animals in their life. There are six basic tips in this article that will allow you to help them and to prevent the spreading of stray dogs.

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