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Apr. 30.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

Schnauzer Dog Names: Choose from the List or Get It by Yourself for Male and Female Dog

schnauzer dog names

Today we continue to pick up names for dogs. Our collection already has names for Pug, Border Collie, and Chow Chow. It’s time to pick up options for Schnauzer dog names. We have repeatedly stated that choosing a name is a responsible and not an easy step. A short and simple name, unlike the names of another family member, these are the mandatory criteria. However, it is equally important to choose a name for your dog that will match his character and appearance. So make yourself comfortable because we have some interesting good Schnauzer dog names for you.

Why Is Choosing a Name Important?

Some people think that the dog does not care how you named it. However, we disagree with this statement. This is the first step to starting building a relationship between you and your dog and training it properly. Therefore, the name should be liked not only by you but also by the dog. How do understand this? It responds to it with joy and without delay. Remember to reinforce the habit of responding to the name. In the beginning, give your pet treats if it runs to you upon hearing its name.

Good Names for a Dog Schnauzer: What to Look For

Before moving on to choosing a name. Let’s turn our attention to the main characteristics of the dog breed. Are you wondering why? Distinctive features and characteristics can prompt the choice of a suitable name. For example, if your dog weighs about 85 kg, then the name Pety can be ridiculous. Schnauzer is a kind and noble dog breed. They can be of any size, from a miniature dog to a large one. This dog is easily recognizable by its mustache. Yes, you read everything correctly, this is their feature. The original purpose of the breed was to hunt rats in particular. So let’s pick a name based on the information above.

Top Dog Names for Schnauzer

good schnauzer dog names

A name for a dog does not come to mind by itself at the first glance at a pet, then do not despair. We will offer you several lists of names by categories and perhaps among them, you will find something suitable.

Names for Dog: Male Schnauzer Puppies

Your pet is from Germany, maybe choose a national name:

  • Valdus;
  • Ulric;
  • Milo;
  • Kaiser;
  • Axel;
  • Ansel;
  • Ivo.

Do you have your favorite beverage? Look at these names:

  • Cider;
  • Remy;
  • Shandy;
  • Daiquiri;
  • Taboo.

We all like a fairy tale, cartoons, and movies Name after your favorite character:

  • Winnie;
  • Toto;
  • Snake;
  • Neo;
  • Juno;
  • Batman;
  • Boba;
  • Atticus;
  • Brick
  • Baxter.

Who said that Schnauzer dog names male should be serious and brutal? Choose something cute:

  • Toby;
  • Pepe;
  • Moose;
  • Colby;
  • Buddy;
  • Archie;
  • Finny;
  • Mowgli
  • Bolt;
  • Amos.

Names due to a small size:

  • Prinz;
  • Tiny;
  • Blitz;
  • Nano;
  • Rascal.

Names due to a big size:

  • Baloo;
  • Conan;
  • King;
  • Maximus;
  • Zeus.

Girl Dog Names for Schnauzer Puppies

female schnauzer dog names

Some of the principles for choosing names will be identical to for choosing a male name, but something will be new.

What about German female names?

  • Zelda;
  • Iselda;
  • Ilsa;
  • Elsa;
  • Duna;
  • Aixa;
  • Ada.

Food-inspired names are not the worst choice:

  • Candy;
  • Oreo;
  • Sugar;
  • Taro;
  • Peanut.

Look at female Schnauzer dog names after your favorite singer or actor:

  • Maggie;
  • Kelly;
  • Joe;
  • Hannah;
  • Tina;
  • Angie;
  • Sara;
  • Mila;
  • Emma;
  • Cora.

Choose some light and cute name:

  • Queenie;
  • Poppy;
  • Pansy;
  • Rosie;
  • Nala;
  • Lulu;
  • Lucy;
  • Kiki;
  • Lottie;
  • Lily.

Names due to a small size:

  • Cherry;
  • Fairy;
  • Annette;
  • Tawny;
  • Bangle.

Names due to a big size:

  • Atlanta;
  • Brienne;
  • Magna;
  • Titania;
  • Maxine.

We hope you were able to find the name you like. Do not forget that this is a creative process, perhaps we gave you the right direction and you will name your pet by the name of an actor or a drink. Now almost everyone has an Instagram page and many owners create for their pets. Search for Schnauzer and maybe someone’s profile you like and so you can choose a name. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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