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Outdoor & In-Home Scent Games for Dogs to Play with Whole Family

nose work games for dogs

Some owners believe that games for dogs are just a way to entertain the pet and dump the accumulated energy, but this is not entirely true. Of course, these reasons also play an important role, but there are games that stimulate the mind and are simply necessary for your dog to stay calm and happy. Have you already guessed what games we mean? These are scent games. A dog can learn 40 more smells than a person, so there are many interesting games that involve the sense of smell, and we will describe the most popular nose work games for dogs below!

List of Top Dog Scent Games

These games are quite simple but no less fascinating, and you can not only play with your pets, but other family members can join you. In other words, these are dog scent games for the whole family, especially if you have children.

Where Is Your Treat?

best scent games for dogs

For these sniffing games for dogs, you would need 4-5 boxes and the favorite treat of your pet. Hide a snack in one of the boxes and ask the dog to indicate which one. However, do not forget to place your pet in the other room before doing so. If you have two or more dogs, it is best to play games with only one dog at a time. Over time, this game can get harder. Instead of placing the snack in the box, place the piece of paper that has absorbed its smell. Would your pet be able to catch so specific smell and recognize in it a treat? This game is not to be played too many times in a row, because if the pet is successful, you should let it eat a treat as a sign of reward, and its use should be limited per day.

Let’s Play Hide and Seek

This game can be played with a company. While the dog is sitting in one of the rooms (someone can hold it), other players can hide. To start, choose simple places so that it is easier for the dog to find you, and when it is already a professional, complicate the tasks. Be sure to compliment your pet when it finds you so that it would not lose interest in the game, and you can create a closer connection between you due to such fun scent games for dogs. It is also worth considering that all participants in the game must be well acquainted with the pet so that it knows the smell and name.

Find Toys While I’m not at Home

good dog scent games

If you are worried about how your dog will behave in your absence, then you can prepare a cool puzzle for it. These in-home scent games for dogs would never get bored. To do this, you would need a special treat ball, which you can buy at any pet store. Hide some treat toys in different safe places around the house. When the pet finds them, it would not be able to immediately eat the treats, so it would start playing with balls. Your pet may not succeed the first time, because it may not understand that this is a game. Therefore, for the first few times, you should hide toys with your dog.

Can You Track Me?

These outdoor scent games for dogs are very suitable for teaching the smells of the earth. Create a path in damp grass where the scent is easiest to find. Start by grinding your feet to create a scent path. Walk 40-50 meters in a straight line, scratching your feet along the way. When you walk, add a snack every meter. You can use cones or other objects to mark where you went. Walk the dog on a leash and say “find it.” If they deviate from the direction, do not direct or correct them. As your dog becomes more experienced with this game, you can increase the difficulty by making paths in different directions. It is also called dog scent training games for police work.

Where Is My Dinner?

Your dogs know that they find food in the same place every day. But what if one day, when you ask them to eat, and their bowls end up in a different place? The answer is simple – they would immediately start searching. Try to put it in the next room first – they would begin to sniff excitedly and in a few seconds would find a bowl. The next day, hide the bowl somewhere in front of your house and ask them to have lunch. It would take them longer, but they would find it for sure. Once you’ve got this one of the best scent games for dogs set up, move the bowl once or twice a week and let them hunt it and have fun. Make your pet’s life interesting and varied. Try some games from the list and both of you can have fun in the process. You would be pleasantly surprised when you notice how the bond between you and your pet has become closer. What other good dog scent games do you know? Share in the comments!

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