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Rules of Bath Procedure

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It would seem easy to give a bath to a puppy. But in practice, first-time owners have trouble with their dogs. They have a lot of questions, such as: how often should I bathe my dog, what temperature should the water have, what products to use, or what to do if my puppy is afraid of bathing? We answer them in our article.

Depending on the size, you want to bathe your puppy in your bath or a dog bathtub. The water level should not be too high. It’s enough to cover his paws or reach his elbow joints. The optimal dog bath water temperature is 35°C.

It is best to call a partner and wash the baby together. It’s also easier to soap and rinse with an assistant. To prevent your puppy from slipping and accidentally bruising, place a rubber mat or towel on the bottom of the tub.

Talk gently to your puppy, don’t make any sudden moves, and be careful. The atmosphere should be calm. It is very important for the puppy’s attitude towards water and his confidence in you!

First moisten his coat gently, then soap him up with a special shampoo and rinse him. It’s important to rinse the soap off the coat thoroughly as he’ll then try to do so with his tongue, which can lead to digestive problems. If you are also using a hair conditioner, apply it to your dog who has already been washed wet. The pattern is the same as when we wash our heads. Before bathing, carefully read, and follow the instructions for using shampoos and conditioners.

How to Wash a Dog’s Face?

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Do not point the shower at your dog’s nose. If you need to wash his face, moisten him from below at low pressure or wash with your hand. Protect eyes, nose, and ears from shampoo and water. In general, it’s best to avoid a dog shower head if he’s not yet used to water routines.

After bathing, rub him thoroughly and preferably dry with a hairdryer. Make sure he doesn’t freeze or get drained, otherwise he could get sick.

Can You Use People Shampoo on Dogs?

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Puppies should only be bathed with shampoos designed specifically for the puppy’s delicate skin and suitable for the type of coat. For example, shampoos and conditioners for puppies have a mild formula and are suitable for frequent use: they don’t irritate sensitive baby skin or pinch the eyes.

Soap, human shampoos, and conditioners are not suitable for dogs. Their use will result in dermatitis, dandruff, itching, dry skin, and reduced coat quality.

Anti-parasitic shampoos are used to kill parasites and by no means permanently! The frequent use of these shampoos harms skin and coat.

When Dog Bath Procedures Are Not Allowed?

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Any stress on their immune system is a contraindication to washing. These include various illnesses, injuries and surgical interventions, rehabilitation periods, severe stress, treatments for parasites, and the period after vaccination.

You can’t bathe your puppy within two weeks after the vaccination!

Whether the puppy will be afraid of bathing depends entirely on you. Fortunately, most dogs don’t mind a bath, but teaching them to stand still can be difficult.

Bathing puppy, be calm and don’t make any sudden moves. Keep him comfortable, talk to him, praise him. He should only experience pleasant associations and understand that he’s not threatened by anything.

Be sure to follow the rules of the dog bath procedure. The temperature and amount of water and the products used should not cause your dog any discomfort. Remember to put a mat on the bottom of the bathtub, so he doesn’t slip and feel confident. Nothing should cause him any anxiety.

Ideally, he sees bathing as an interesting game and an extra opportunity to get a lot of attention from his favorite host. And what could be better?

After washing, make sure you give him a treat. He deserves it!

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