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Rottweiler Temperament and Personality: Know Every Single Rottweiler’s Fact!

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A Brief Rottweiler Description

The Rottweiler’s history is filled with ancient origins. It is a sturdy, well-proportioned and compactly built dog. The main qualities that characterize this breed are stamina, strength, and irrepressible energy. A seemingly strong and tough dog should move easily and freely, without any signs of bulkiness and clumsiness. The Rottweiler is a service dog breed of a service dog. Its ancient history goes back more than a century. These beautiful and strong dogs have long been used as guards in the police and bodyguards. They are characterized by great physical strength, endurance, and power. They have a highly developed guarding instinct. With the right training, they grow up to be excellent companions: faithful, loyal and reliable.

The Rottweiler is a short-haired dog of medium to large stature, belonging to the Molossus group. They are intelligent and cunning animals, powerful in build and strong in character. Strong bones, well-developed muscles, and proportional composition make Rottweilers muscular, hardy, and at the same time agile. Loyal to the owners and distrustful of strangers, these dogs are equally great as a watchdog and as a bodyguard. At home, Rottweilers are calm and friendly to their owner and his family. The Rottweiler is a breed that is highly oriented toward its owner, whom it usually chooses for itself. To all other family members, the dog is neutral or patronizing.

What Is the Rottweiler’s Origin?

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The ancestors of the Rottweiler were shepherd dogs of the Molossus type, which originated in antiquity. What were Rottweilers originally bred for? They were widely used as hunting and guard dogs so that the breed was genetically adapted to a variety of jobs, which later, in the 20th century, allowed to further expand the use of Rottweilers: they were used for police work, as rescue dogs, and for guard duty. In the Middle Ages of Rottweiler history, the main task of the dog was driving cattle, carrying them to other pastures, and guarding them against predators. These dogs were also used on farms in Germany for transporting goods, as guards of this cargo and fighters against other animals. At that time, when breeding dogs, people paid attention only to their working qualities, and therefore often practiced crossing Rottweilers with other Molossus to make a new higher Rottweiler standard.

During World War I Rottweilers were also used as liaisons. Before the adoption of modern standards, the breeding of dogs was characterized by a wide variety of colors, resulting in wide variation in Rottweilers size and build type.

All about Rottweilers: Weight and Size Parameters

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When the puppy is 1 month old, in order not to harm the immature baby, it is necessary to approach the choice of products and the diet intelligently. At this age, the mother’s milk will be quite sufficient, provided that the mother consumes the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. At this point, the puppy will be 8 to 8.5 inches tall at the withers and weigh between 77 and 100 pounds. In 5 months, it’s time to reduce the number of meals to 4 times. The average Rottweiler size and weight is 22 inches and 53-68 pounds. 10 months is time to feed your dog with raw meat, but try to avoid infection with parasites. some owners even freeze it or scald it with boiling water before feeding. At the age of 10 months, the parameters of the animal should be the following: weight – 88-110 pounds, height – 25-26.5 inches.

The points listed are close to the ideal readings for this breed, but if your puppy falls slightly out of them, it’s not critical. There’s nothing special about animals from the same litter growing at different rates. Keep in mind that height and weight are not the most important indicators of proper development, and it is better to pay more attention to the overall condition of the pet and monitor how active and healthy it is.

Rottweiler Color

The only permissible standard color of the Rottweiler is black and tan. But, besides that, from time to time dogs are born with non-standard colors, such as pure black, gray, tiger, reddish-pale, golden, and white. Rottweilers may also have white markings of varying size, located on a basic, darker background.

What Are the Rottweiler Temperament and Personality?

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Rottweiler’s temperament is calm, courageous, and confident. These dogs are disciplined and obedient. The Rottweiler is reserved and judicious. Due to an innate guarding instinct, members of this breed are considered among the best guard dogs. At the same time, a properly bred Rottweiler does not show unreasonable aggression to strangers. They can live peacefully in the same house with other animals, but it is necessary to introduce them to other pets at an early age.

The Rottweiler’s personality can be a fierce and merciless, but it can also be the best friend or, for example, a nanny for a small child. It all depends on the specific situation and environment, as well as, of course, on the people with whom he interacts. This breed has a high level of intelligence, although many people underestimate this quality in them, nurturing only their security and fighting skills. The Rottweiler loves walks, enjoys outdoor activities, and needs exercise and physical activity, especially after a year, when it is no longer a puppy. If a dog needs to lose weight, it can also help.

The main Rottweiler’s characteristics are a strong personality with a certain amount of independence, and not taking any kind of aggression and punishment from the owner. Such methods of education are not right, as the pet’s psyche wouldn’t develop properly, and there is no telling what it would lead to in the future. Try to earn the respect of your dog, never go too far, do not lose your sense of adequacy, and be a fair and wise owner.

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Rottweilers treat children well. They are very attached to their family, and can literally give their life for their owners. They usually accept strangers, although with some caution, but normally without aggression. It is better to introduce them to cats at an early age. Also, the Rottweiler needs early socialization. According to various Rottweiler information sources and opinions of the owners, the character of a Rottweiler cannot be called simple. This dog is aware of its power and has a well-developed sense of dignity. Not everyone can become a real master for the Rottweiler, but once you have, it would obey you without question.

Only a physically strong person who, in addition, is able to prove their superiority in practice, will be an authority for such a dog. A Rottweiler is not only a dog, but a personality that must be treated with respect, and at the same time feel that the owner is stronger than him not only physically, but also mentally. To sum up, the Rottweilers’ behavior depends much on the environment and people around.

Rottweilers Health, Major Diseases, and Lifespan

Rottweilers are strong and hardy animals. However, they are prone to a number of diseases, including dysplasia, osteochondrosis, retinal atrophy, and cataracts. Also obesity, diabetes, and others. The average Rottweiler’s lifespan is 10-12 years. Proper care and good conditions can prolong its life.

The Main Types of Rottweiler

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Currently, the most popular varieties of Rottweilers are:

  1. Germanic type. This type of breed is considered a classic and it is taken as the reference of this breed. Based on the parameters of these dogs, described by the All-German Rottweiler Club, the International Canine Federation developed a standard breed.
  2. British type. British Rottweilers are very similar to their German relatives externally, but at the same time, as befits a true Englishman, they are characterized by calmness and even phlegmaticness. Only in cases where there is an urgent need to protect the owner or someone close to them, Rottweilers English type can attack without a command.
  3. American type. American Rottweilers are very large and powerful dogs. When they were bred, breeders intentionally selected the tallest and most vicious representatives of the breed, as they wanted to breed guard dogs, characterized by increased aggression to strangers. And in order to keep their increased aggression under control, such animals need very serious professional training.

An interesting fact: from time to time Rottweilers are born whose height is much less than the lower limits of the standard. Such dogs are called mini Rottweilers.

Rottweilers Facts: Pros and Cons

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  • dedicated to his owner;
  • very intelligent and quick-witted;
  • characterized by great physical strength and endurance. Members of this breed are some of the best guard dogs in the world;
  • they do not require complex care. This dog is suitable for both the countryside and for the city;
  • if raised correctly, the Rottweiler can be a very good companion for children;
  • with timely socialization, it gets along peacefully with other animals.


  • the dogs need professional training;
  • only a physically strong person can be the owner of such a dog;
  • Rottweilers train somewhat slower than most other dogs;
  • not suitable for being kept in small apartments;
  • because of the rapid growth and the Rottweiler weight, health problems can begin at puppy age;
  • with improper training, the Rottweiler can take the place of “leader of the pack” in the family, which is fraught with the most serious consequences.

We believe the Rottweiler is one of the best breeds. Not least of all their popularity is due to the fact that they have naturally excellent guarding qualities, moderately vicious and distrustful of strangers, but at the same time calm and peaceful in the home environment.


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