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Awesome Dog Breed Mixes: Find a New Friend from Our Cool Crossbreed Dog List

most popular dog mixes

There are no ideal dog breeds, each is amazing and unique in its own way. And what will happen if you take the most popular breeds and cross them with each other? There are endless answers to this question. However, such experiments are not always included in the pedigree of one of the breeds. Such hybrid dog breeds are sometimes considered mongrels. We have prepared a list of top mix-breed dogs for you. Perhaps you want to yourself just such a dog. These are often found in animal shelters. Who knows, maybe one of them will become your new friend after all. Enjoy the reading!

Common Mixed-Breed Dogs

The American Hybrid Dog Club has been recognizing types of mixed breed dogs for years. We decided to surprise our readers and also want to present you with several dogs from this unusual list.


hybrid dog breeds

The Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle are considered the parents of this breed. These dogs are not bred to be show dogs and are much more suited to the companion dog lifestyle. Most often, the size depends on the poodle that took part in the breeding. The same goes for coat color. That is, it depends on which parent’s genes will prevail. These adorable dog mixes are considered a relatively new design breed. This is a great family dog. They love children and are very affectionate if properly socialized from an early age. Dogs of this breed have often been used as therapy dogs because of their meekness and intelligence.


best dog breed mixes

This is a mixture of Bulldog and Dalmatian. And it is one of the coolest dog mixes. This designer breed has a good lifespan of around 15 years. It is about 11-25 inches tall and weighs 41-65 pounds. Friendly temperament and easy to train. Be sure to start training your puppy early and allow him to meet different people and animals.

Gerberian Shepsky

best mutt breeds

This breed you will get if you cross Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. The average height is about 20-25 inches. The weight of each individual dog species depends on their diet and overall lifestyle but usually ranges from 45 to 88 pounds. These good dog mixes are in good health. But they may inherit some of the health problems of their parents. Gets along well with children. This dog breed is ideal for acting, law enforcement, search and rescue, and even certain roles in the military.


adorable dog mixes

They are awesome dog breed mixes. Pomsky combines both the external characteristics of the Pomeranian and Husky and the traits of their characters. But since the breed is at the beginning of its development, the behavioral characteristics of its representatives are unstable and can change. This breed is very easy to care for. Dogs of this breed calmly endure the absence of the owner and do not fall into hysterics, having remained for several hours in an empty apartment.


beautiful mixed breed dogs

They are one of the most popular dog mixes. Cheagle dogs are a cross between a Chihuahua and a Beagle. That’s where they have a gentle look of shiny bead eyes, beautifully falling wide ears, and smooth fur with a noble spotted color. And they are characterized by intelligent manners, the desire to stand up for their master, and a calm temperament. Very often hunting instincts make themselves known. In addition, Cheagle dogs are excellent searchers, so they are often used in the search for explosives and drugs. All this does not prevent from time to time to be idle, carefree to run on a lawn and to arrange cheerful entertainments to itself.


coolest dog mixes

It is a cross between a loving French Bulldog and a playful Boston Terrier. This dog is suitable for all people: seniors, singles, couples, and families looking to get a new canine member. This dog does well in small spaces, making it a great choice for apartment dwellers. This dog looks very similar to the French Bulldog: short and stocky build, with pointed ears and a flat face. On average, these dogs are usually 13 to 16 inches tall and weigh 13 to 25 pounds. This lovely pet can become a real friend for you.

Cutest Cross Breeds Dogs

You probably saw the dogs from the list above on the street, perhaps your friends have one of those breeds. Those were the popular dog mixes but what about the lesser-known breeds? Let’s find out what this list will surprise you with.


popular dog mixes

This is a designer breed that breeders bred in the middle of the 20th century to create the perfect companion. Cockapoo dogs are the result of crossing a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. These best dog breed mixes took from their parents: a cheerful disposition, cheerfulness, benevolence, and an agreeable character. They get along well with all family members and do not bully other pets. A very active and energetic breed, they love to learn new things and will not let the owner get bored.


top mix-breed dogs

This is a hybrid of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian. Miniature pets stand out for their playful disposition, magnetic charm, quick wit, and loyalty. They are easy to train, obedient, hardworking. Dogs of this breed are full of energy and cannot sit still. It is an interesting dog breed combination. The Aussiepom dogs need active games and long walks with high physical activity, therefore they become the best tireless companions for people leading an active lifestyle.


types of mixed breed dogs

This is a hybrid of a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. With the emergence of the breed, a story is connected about a woman who begged to breed a non-shedding dog that would become a friend and guide to her blind husband. The breeders succeeded in this. The Labradoodle has a hypoallergenic coat, a benevolent and patient character. They are very loyal, obedient, caring, and intelligent dogs. Today, tetrapods serve as guides for the blind, help rescuers to pull people out from under the rubble, participate in the rehabilitation of disabled children, become bloodhounds in the police, and in families with children – loving nannies. As you can understand, this one of the beautiful mixed breed dogs is popular in narrow circles.


crossbreed dog list

The dog from crossing a Chihuahua with a Yorkshire Terrier. Since both of these dogs are small, the Chorkie is also a very small dog and very attractive to many owners.

You can rightly expect this dog to be lively, playful, and very interesting. Both parent breeds have a working history, so despite their small size, they can be excellent hunters. That is why you need to socialize your puppy as early as possible and introduce it to other family members.

Best Looking Mutts

This is the largest group of dogs on earth. Moreover, they do not have names, are not classified, and are little studied. In fact, these are street dogs without pedigree and pedigree parents. The description of the mutts is rather arbitrary because they do not have a single standard and characteristic. During the trend of Huskies and Shepherd dogs, the best mutt breeds gradually acquired their characteristic features. Today, mutts can look different: beautiful, even spectacular representatives, inconspicuous. The height and weight of dogs vary from miniature to large but the most common is medium size. Outwardly, a dog can combine several characteristic features of a particular breed at once. The type of coat can be short or long, wavy or straight, thick or not too much. But almost all of them have a well-developed undercoat that allows them not to freeze on the street in any weather. If you start raising a cute mutt dog in time, you will be surprised at its obedience. Not all pedigree brethren can boast of such qualities. If you are not afraid of the different dog mixes, then the mutt dog can be an excellent choice.

The crossbreed dog list is varied. Therefore, if your goal is not to participate in the show, take a look at the breeds described above. Thank you for being with us and see you soon!

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