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What Is a Pharaoh Hound: Temperament, Health, and How to Take Care of a Dog

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What Is a Pharaoh Hound

Let’s continue filling our Breed section. Have you ever heard of the Anubis dog breed? This unique breed comes from ancient times. Surely, you thought they were originally from Egypt, but they are not. It is the national dog of Malta. Of course, there are some theories about the Egyptian dog Pharaoh, however, they all converge only that one of the progenitors was brought from that country. A more modern type of breed has been bred in England since 1974. Interested in learning more? Then be sure to read our article to the end.

What Is a Pharaoh Hound?

This ancient breed, which is more than 3000 years old, will amaze you with its interesting appearance. Dogs have small, thin builds, but with long legs and necks. The ears are straight and sharp at the ends. Many owners sometimes think that Pharaoh Hounds are too thin and this will have a bad effect on their health. However, don’t panic, this is considered normal. Red is one of the most common Pharaoh Hound colors. Also, these dogs are easy to gain muscle mass, which contributes to greater endurance.

Pharaoh Hound Size

In almost all dog breeds, females are smaller than males. This breed is no exception. Female dogs are 21-24 inches, and males are 23-25 inches. What about Pharaoh Hound’s weight? On average, it ranges from 45 to 55 pounds.

Pharaoh Hound Temperament

Pharaoh Hound Temperament

If you want to get a dog of this breed, then be sure that you will find a kind and affectionate pet. Protection is not the best feature of Pharaoh Hound, but in an emergency, you can rely on it. Smiling usually means being open and kind. And when a dog smiles, this is no exception. When it wrinkles its nose and stretches its mouth, know that Pharaoh is smiling. Are Hounds able to get along with other family members? Don’t even hesitate. They quickly become attached to the owner and his/her family. Therefore, you should not leave your pet alone at home for a long time. 

But the dog rarely approaches strangers and behaves warily. The Pharaoh Hound’s personality is not aggressive. You will be surprised by its intelligence, as the dog is very smart and independent. How can such characteristics be manifested? In case of emergencies, your dog will not be scared and wait for being told what to do but will make a decision. For example, it gets lost in the park while walking but remembers the way home.

Most likely, your four-legged friend will return home by itself. We ask you not to test this in practice. It can be very stressful for the pet. If you have small children, then Pharaoh will be able to get along with them and even take an active part in their games. The original purpose of breeding the breed is hunting. Therefore, in our time we can observe the hunting instinct of the dog. Don’t let your pet chase the game by ignoring your commands. Approach the training process carefully and patiently. By the way, you can try dog ​​training with a clicker.

Dog Breed Pharaoh Hound: How to Take Care

The health of Pharaoh Hound

The breeders claim that this Pharaoh Hound is not sickly. However, certain diseases can occur more often than others. You need to know about them to react in time and consult with a veterinarian.

  • Due to their lean build, dogs are sensitive to anesthesia. Overdosing can cause significant harm or death. Consider this if your dog ever needs surgery under anesthesia.
  • Allergies are common in many breeds. Pharaohs most often encountered food, contact, and inhalation allergies. 

Be sure to check the documents of the puppy’s parents, which the breeder is obliged to provide you. This way you can rule out genetic diseases or be prepared for their possible occurrence.

Dog Breed Pharaoh Hound: How to Take Care

The dog will not give you much trouble. However, keep in mind that in frosty and windy weather, you will need a jacket or sweater for a walk. Be sure to provide your pet with physical activity for about 30 minutes a day. Of course, this should not be continuous training or games. Feeding your dog twice a day will be sufficient. And use our calculator to find out the daily rate of food. Also, look through our Food section. Pharaohs do not have a strong doggy smell and do not need frequent bathing. Unless it skates in something smelly, daily wiping with a damp cloth will in most cases help it stay clean. However, wash paws after every walk. Dental care should be at least 2-3 times a week. Check dog’s ears once a week. Nails can be cut once or twice a month.

We can assure you that this breed is a great choice. You will get a loyal and kind friend. If you have some questions, please, ask in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. And see you soon on the pages of our blog!


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