Jan. 15.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

Petpuls – Collar That Understands Dogs

dog's smart collar

The Petpuls company from South Korea has developed a special collar capable of deciphering what your dog is feeling at any given moment. Its emotions are analyzed by artificial intelligence, and you immediately see the result on your smartphone screen.

When your dog barks, the product records the sounds it makes and transmits them to a central server. The computer analyzes the barking sample using a special algorithm and sends a real-time response to your pet’s exact feelings. Any emotional state of the animal: anger, anxiety, longing, or joy becomes clear to you.

The “smart” collar can give an opinion on the physical state of the animal even without any barking. The device calculates calories and joules of energy expended so it understands if the dog needs rest or exercise.

It helps us to broaden our perspective on the spectrum of emotions a dog is experiencing and even to change the way we look at familiar activities. The dog may get angry while playing with you if he loses. Also, the pet doesn’t always suffer from loneliness when you leave.

It is not uncommon for people to abandon pets, tired of their annoying barking. The dog tries to convey information to his owner through his voice and gets angry if he doesn’t understand. The collar will help both parties sort out their emotions and lead to a happier coexistence.

Petpuls has announced its invention as its world premiere. Such a product costs just under 100 dollars. Curiously, during the coronavirus pandemic, the number of pets increased by as much as 15%. There are now just under half a billion pets in the world, waiting for your understanding.

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