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Oral Health of Your Dog

oral health of a dog

We brush our teeth twice a day, and what about our dogs? Do their teeth need special care?

A good brush and toothpaste help us to get rid of plaque. If we don’t brush our teeth every day, they’ll lose their whiteness. Soon they’ll have dental tartar, followed by gum problems. Don’t forget about the stale breath!

The same thing happens to dogs. The only exception is the specifics of the diet. If you feed your dog high-quality dry food, the pellets will scrub away the plaque. But not 100%. So even with a perfect diet, vets recommend providing your dog with dental toys and treats. Dentistry is very costly, and diseases are easier to prevent than to treat.

Diseases in the oral cavity can be genetic. But these are isolated cases. The most common problems – plaque, dental tartar, and gingivitis – come from poor nutrition and poor hygiene. Often these problems are related: plaque leads to tartar and gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding gums).

If plaque is removable in the first stages, tartar will destroy the tooth if not treated. How can this be avoided?

Oral Health, How To Treat?

The right food and teeth brushing will help protect your dog’s oral health.

The right food is the right quality, the right balance of ingredients, and the right feeding. Any unsuitable food (such as human delicacies from the table) will lead to health problems.

As a preventive measure against oral health problems, it’s useful to introduce dental treats like meat spirals, eucalyptus sticks, and toothbrushes.

Use a special toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning a dog’s teeth. They are easy to find in the pet shop. Some dogs can take it easy, especially if they’ve been familiar with it since childhood. Some toys are analogous to toothbrushes.

These toys include removing plaque, massaging his gums, removing bad smells, taking over, and satisfying his natural chewing instinct (boots will be safe!).

Please read the description of the toy carefully before buying it. Some of these toys may even be used with toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to the special area of the toy and give it to your dog. The result is clean and healthy teeth and you don’t have to hold your pet in place and treat each tooth thoroughly.

Keeping your dog healthy through an exciting game is much more enjoyable.

Your dog’s oral health may also suffer if he eats cat food regularly. Read more about this in our article.

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