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National Lost Dog Awareness Day: Do Not Forget to Help a Lost Pet on April, 23

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If someone close to you is lost, then call the police and ask for help. However, what if your dog is lost? Announcements and promises of cash rewards are good but they do not always help. 10 years ago there was an organization whose vocation was to help lost dogs, and 8 years ago a special holiday was organized. We will talk about it with you today!

Lost Dog Awareness Day: How It Was Organized

There are not as many stray dogs on the streets as you might imagine. Most of them are simply lost and cannot find their way home. Lost Dogs of America was formed in 2011 to help reunite the owner and pet. The National Lost Dog Awareness Day was organized in 2013 to tell everyone what they are doing and connect as many people as possible to help. According to the official statistics of the organization, about 125,000 dogs have already been found and returned. Every year, April 23rd becomes a day of reminder and hope that your dog can still be found because there are so many not indifferent people around. On the website of the organization, you can get acquainted with the questionnaires of the missing dogs, file a report as missing or report that you have found a dog. Be considerate of our little friends.

How Can I Join the Holiday?

If you’ve ever lost a pet, then you know what a person can feel in such a terrible situation. Those who have not yet found their dog, then on this day we advise you:

  • Go to the website of the organization and view the questionnaires, perhaps you will recognize someone and be able to help. Who knows, maybe someone stumbles across your dog’s profile and recognizes a dog that lives in the park from the photo.
  • Share a photo of your missing dog and write what you feel and how bored you are. Perhaps your story will attract attention and then someone will take a closer look at the animals on the street.

If you are among those lucky ones who have already reunited with their lost, then share the story on social networks. This will give much hope for a positive outcome.

Each of us may find ourselves in such a situation. We are not saying that you should expect this every day. However, we advise you to follow some precautions. Take pictures of your pet often, because this is how you will always have a photo of how it looked during the period of loss. You can order a small medallion with the dog’s name and phone number and attach it to the collar. Remember that not all stray dogs are homeless. See you soon!

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