Feb. 03.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

National Golden Retriever Day

a special day for golden retrievers

February 3 National Day has only been a special day for Golden Retrievers since 2012, yet this holiday expands its boundaries and gets bigger every year.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular family breeds and also a very high-quality working breed.

Their high intelligence and gentle disposition make them the best support animals for people with special needs.

It is why we are sure that national golden retriever day 2021 is a holiday worth celebrating, and we will tell you how retrievers became golden, how to celebrate this day, and what to do if you still do not have this wonderful dog.

History of Golden Retrievers

a special day for retrievers

About two hundred years ago, hunters from Scotland needed a hunting dog with exceptional sniffing qualities, able to stay in water for a long time, and a soft grip so as not to maim game.

They crossed the spaniel with the retriever to get this beautiful creature. It gave the dog a wonderful waterproof double-layered coat, which looks fascinating.

Since then, the working qualities of this breed have been recognized in many different service areas, from airports to nursing homes.

The holiday was created as an “International Golden Retriever Day” on February 3, 2012, thanks to Kristen Shroyer, who dedicated it to her faithful pet who passed away after seven years of a wonderful life.

Since then, more and more people in different cities around the world are bringing out their beautiful pets. Some gatherings of golden retriever fans have reached thousands of dogs in one place.

We encourage you to spread the tradition and join the celebration because these dogs deserve it.

Things To Do on National Golden Retriever Day

golden retriever

If you already have this wonderful creature at home, you have to make it the perfect day for him.

Forget the high feelings and think about the food first. Like all dogs retrievers love to eat good food, so it will be a good idea to order something unusual and certainly healthy from the internet or the nearest pet store. However, be responsible and consult your veterinarian before making any major changes to your pet’s diet.

The second thing golden retrievers love is exercise. You can take a trip to a nearby park where you can learn a new command or play some of your dog’s favorite games.

A doggie pool in the middle of winter would be the best gift for a Golden Retriever who loves to swim on a genetic level. Providing this activity for your pet will be the best way to celebrate golden retriever day.

What To Do if You Still Don’t Have a Golden Retriever?

It’s one of the most gentle and harmless dogs that has won hearts for being able to worry about children and the elderly like a real nanny.

It will suit even someone who has never had a dog before because it is very friendly and intelligent.

So if you have enough room for a golden retriever and are willing to spend enough time for exercise with your pet, the answer is obviously yes. Check with your local foster homes to see if a puppy is waiting just for you. However, be careful about the breeder. It should be a responsible professional who has kept the animals in good condition.

Be sure that taking a little puppy into your family is the right way to celebrate the golden retriever day and get a faithful companion for many years.

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