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National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day: Join the Celebration on April 21, 2021

national bulldog day

Do you like Bulldogs? Dogs of this breed have won many hearts. We will not describe all the characteristics of it, since our regular readers have already familiarized with them for a long time. If you are with us relatively recently, then perhaps after reading our previous article, you will understand why there is National Bulldog Day. And today we want to talk about this holiday, which will take place very soon.

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day: History of the Establishment

when is national bulldog day

History is silent about the person or group of people who came up with the idea of ​​such a holiday. However, let’s take a little digression into the past, and maybe we can imagine another idea for creating a holiday beside the fact that Bulldogs are just cool.

This breed dates back to the 5th century as excellent assistants for looking after a flock of sheep. Beginning in the 15th century, Bulldogs began to be introduced to various tasks on farms, for example, trapping horses or baiting bulls. Due to these aggressive responsibilities, the temperamental friendly dogs were trained as hunting and boxing dogs. Can you imagine that we could only read about such a breed? Indeed, after the ban on bull-baiting, the Bulldogs were under threat of extinction. Fortunately, this did not happen and the breeders managed to save the Bulldogs. Despite such a warlike history of the past, modern Bulldogs easily find contact with people, especially with children. They retained that strength and endurance, so in case of danger, they will be able to protect their family members. Throughout the years of the breed’s existence, dogs have been loyal friends and helpers of people, so why not set aside a special day for gratitude to our pet. When is National Bulldog Day? Every year, on April, 21, thousands of owners and people who like this breed celebrate such an amazing holiday.

How Can You Join the Celebration?

Give treats, buy a new toy, or play with your Bulldog. We are sure that you do this often. Let’s make a fun and banal challenge. Dress up with your dog in funny costumes and take pictures. Post a photo on the Internet and write why you love your dog. Those who have a dog of a different breed also join us and send your greetings to the Bulldogs. Let’s have April 21 fun.

Happy Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day to everyone!

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