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Military Dog Breeds

We have been using dogs in various activities since the beginning of history. Today, army dog breeds continue the traditions of primitive ancestors and often perform life-threatening tasks. Their vision, sniffing, and hearing presuppose human capabilities, but most of all, we value dogs for their loyalty.

We have already written about service breeds, but now we want to highlight war dogs breeds as a special kind and show you their features.

Duties of Military Working Dog Breeds

Patrol Service

The sniff of a dog is many times better than a human, which means that darkness is not a hindrance, and a military dog breeds can easily detect the approach of an enemy that is hundreds of meters away. In this case, the task of the dog to signal in such a way as to warn allies and not to frighten the enemy – not a single sound, only the correct position, and carefully trained movements.

Detection of Explosives and Drugs

Once again, they use their amazing sense of smell to find even very carefully hidden explosives, including bombs under the clothes of a terrorist. Dogs are sometimes also used to find mines.

Detection of the Victim

Search and rescue dogs can find a person in any conditions, even under the debris of the destroyed building, where a flexible spine allows them to reach the victim. Their skills also include the ability to distinguish between a badly injured person and a dead person.

Delivery of Messages

Delivery dogs move quickly between two places, remaining hidden and elusive.

As you can see, not every mongrel can cope with this.

The best military dogs must have the following qualities:

  • Well developed pack instinct
  • Fast learnability
  • Excellent sniffing
  • Perfect hearing
  • Good eyesight
  • Fast reflexes

They should be able to work as a team, not be too fussy, have a learning disposition, and meet all these requirements simultaneously.

Military Dog Breeds List

Hero-Dog German Shepherd

war dogs breeds

These are large, strong dogs with dark coats that contribute to good camouflage. They were bred as shepherds, and this explains their high obedience, ability to learn, and ability to work in a team.

During the First and Second World Wars, German shepherds were one of the dog breeds used in war by the armies of many countries, and dozens of dogs even received combat awards. For example, a dog named Rifleman Khan saved his master, a young British man who could not swim, when their boat turned over. Khan swam more than 200 meters in search of a soldier and was able to find him and pull him out on land.

Another Shepherd named Chips was able to run under fire into the Italian dot, jump in and neutralize the attackers, saving the lives of hundreds of Americans. It was awarded Eight Stars and a Ribbon of Honor.

Funny Little Airedale Terrier

military working dog breeds

This small hunting dog is the first breed used by the police in Germany and the UK. Back in 1902, at the Frankfurt Fair, the Airedale Terrier was recognized as one of the best military service dog breeds suitable for various activities. It is very active and playful, and a little more naughty than shepherds. Most often used in patrol service, but during World War I, he also delivered mail and served as an orderly.

Universal Worker – Labrador

combat dog breeds

The most popular breed in the world is extremely friendly and cannot harm a human being, which means it is not suitable for guards and patrolling. But the Labrador is an excellent rescuer, able to detect and pull a person out from under the ruins. These dogs confirmed their excellent performance during the Vietnam War. Also, Labradors are often used in hospitals for therapy.

Loyal Irish Terrier

military dog breeds list

This friendly companion dog adapts to any climate very well and feels great in urban conditions. During the First World War, it became very famous for its versatility and obedience. It was used for mine detection, mail delivery, and sanitary work. In 1918 the breed was awarded the Honour medal for courage and devotion.

Powerful Mastiffs

the best military dogs

In ancient Rome, these giant dogs were used as combat dog breeds both in real combat and in showcases where they were forced to fight each other. Later, during the wars of the twentieth century, mastiffs served as a tractive force, carrying carts with food and ammunition.

After World War II, the breed almost died out – there was simply no one to feed the huge dogs, but fortunately, the mastiffs survived. Despite their amazing size, they are calm and well-trained dogs.

We have named the best military dog breeds that you meet every day. Perhaps you have a potential hero at home, who could save your body or bring you ammo, but is forced to tolerate your command. Do not forget to walk with him on peaceful streets as often as possible.

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