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Mastiff Dog: The Relevant Information about Breed Standard and Temperament

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Today we have prepared a fascinating article about the Mastiff breed for you. It will be interesting for those who want to get such a dog, already have it as a pet, and just dog lovers. Mastiffs are dogs that, by their appearance, show their harmony and dignity, despite their large size. These kind dogs show patience and calmness and are also obedient to their owners. At the same time, this is a huge responsibility, so we recommend that you only have such a dog in a private house. Let’s find out everything!

Mastiff Characteristics: A Short Overview

  • The average Mastiff size of a male dog is 76 cm, and a female is 68 cm.
  • The Mastiff weight of an adult male varies from 73 to 104 kg. Female dogs are much smaller, their weight is 54-77 kg.
  • Mastiff life span is near 6-10 years.
  • Mastiff standard: It is a large, massive dog with a well-built constitution. Notable for their noble appearance of the aristocrats. Although female dogs are smaller, they still retain a proportionally strong structure.

Mastiff Information: From the Past to the Present

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The ancestors of these dogs are considered to be the Tibetan Mastiffs, which were widespread in Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Assyria, and Greece. Since the 11th century, dogs have been used to hunt animals and keep an eye on the slaves. In today’s world, could look after the livestock. If we evaluate the performance and skills of the mastiff with other hunting dogs, then it was estimated as 20 hounds and greyhounds. There are records that this breed took part in hostilities and one dog could replace two warriors. The Mastiff has always been considered an elite dog that not everyone could afford. Since they paid tax for their maintenance. In the 15th-century, Mastiffs have engaged professionally. However, after the imposed restrictions on hunting in the 19th century, the breed was no longer so popular. Mastiff lovers created a club in 1872 to recreate the breed. It was through the efforts of this club that the modern type of the Old English Mastiff was formed. In the 20th century, after the Second World War, the breed was almost exterminated. According to the statistic that only 14 dogs of this breed remained in England. To increase the population, it was decided to cross them with American dogs. And since you are interested in this breed now, then we can conclude that the breeders succeeded in everything and Mastiffs are very popular in our time.

Mastiff Temperament

The Mastiff breed has a very warm and reverent relationship with its family members. They are also very friendly towards others if the latter does not show aggression. How big do mastiffs get? From the short overview, you have understood that they are huge. However, this is not an obstacle to communication with children. Mastiffs love to play with children It is not difficult to establish contact with them. You may not be afraid to leave these dogs with your child, as they are born protectors. And an obedient and balanced disposition is attractive traits, isn’t it? If you are busy, they will not bother you. If you are looking for a reliable security guard. Then take a closer look at the mastiff dog. Despite its good nature, you and your family members will always be protected.

Fun fact! This breed does not like to participate in exhibitions. For them, this is a boring pastime. However, if you give the command, then of course the dog will patiently endure the competition to please you. Why do they have such an attitude towards exhibitions? They are sluggish, a bit lazy pets who prefer to chew on their favorite toy or sleep.

Remember! The demonstration of the positive qualities of the breed, which are described above, is a consequence of the correct upbringing and maintenance. If you do not pay attention, do not conduct regular training, and do not circle the friendly atmosphere at home, then your dog can be closed and even aggressive. By the way, clicker training is as effective for this breed as command-based training. It is best to start training at an early age.

What about Mastiff Health?

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Despite their strong immunity, these large dogs also get sick. There is a risk of such diseases:

  • elbow or hip dysplasia;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • various eye and skin diseases;
  • allergic reactions.

By the way, we indicated a life span near 10 years but with proper care, this dog can live for 15 years. To prolong the life of your pet, do not forget about routine visits to the veterinarian, monitor food and water balance.
We hope the article was useful and interesting. Now those who had some doubts about whether to buy a dog of this breed know the answer. What breed of dog do you have? Maybe Mastiff? Or do your friends have this breed of dog? Share in the comments. You can also read about other dog breeds here. Thank you for reading the article to the end. We will publish new interesting information very soon. Don’t miss updates. See you on the pages of our blog!


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